Tailgate Season Coming To An End

by - Monday, November 07, 2011

Saturday was Maryland's last home football game of the season. Part of me is sad to see tailgate season coming to an end, but part of me is very, very glad. I can't take much more tailgating in the cold weather to watch an absolutely terrible football team. In the beginning of the season, everyone was super excited about Terps football and thought we had a chance to be somewhat decent.

Tailgate crew
From the beginning of the season when people still cared

As the season went on and the Terps became more and more of an embarrassment, people got less excited to tailgate. And people definitely stopped caring about which uniforms the Terps were wearing on game day. (Remember when that was a big deal?)

Next weekend will officially wrap up my football tailgate season. Maryland will be playing Notre Dame at Redskins Stadium and we have a pretty epic tailgate planned to end the season on a high note.

My parents and brother are coming down for the game and a bunch of my extended family will be there too.

Family tailgate
The fam at a tailgate earlier this season

Our family is pretty evenly split between Notre Dame and Maryland alums.

On the Maryland side you have me, my cousin Laura and her husband Nate.

On the Notre Dame side you have my cousin Amy and her husband Rick.

My Dad's a huge Notre Dame fan and I grew up watching Notre Dame football, so all season long, I've been pretty torn about who to cheer for. I've had friends from both schools lobby for my loyalty.

But I'm officially cheering for Notre Dame.

I don't want Maryland's coach to be able to hang his hat on a "big win on national TV." He's pretty much run our football program into the ground, taking a team with nine wins last season, and turning them into a two-win team this season and turning Danny O'Brien (last season's ACC Rookie of the Year) into a bench warmer.

Wow I don't sound bitter or anything.

End rant!

Anyway, GO IRISH!

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