Filming Discovery's Final Flight

by - Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yesterday was one of those days that makes me realize I have the coolest/best job ever.

Yesterday morning, the Space Shuttle Discovery made its final flight around Washington, D.C. before heading to its permanent home at the National Air and Space Museum out in Virginia.


I'm pretty sure every working professional in DC was outside between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. to watch the shuttle make its loop of the city.

Lucky for me, the video team was sent to cover the event live, so we headed out to the mall bright and early and got everything set up.



We grabbed a short interview with a little girl who was there with her dad to watch the shuttle and then we sat back to wait for the 747 jet to cruise by.

All of a sudden someone shouted, "There it is!" as the plane with the shuttle on its back appeared next to the Washington Monument.

It cruised down the length of the mall, up toward the Capitol and down the other side.


It made several passes and the people in the crowded cheered and clapped each time. It was truly a site to see.


Here's the short video we put together afterward.

Thanks to my wonderful coworker Arlene for taking all these great pictures.

@arlenesnotes with her massive camera ready to catch the shuttle fly over for

I think she was armed with the best lens of anyone watching!

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