Three Things Thursday: Bike Edition

by - Thursday, April 12, 2012

1. I finally got around to buying a pair of bike shorts when I was in PA for Easter, and last night I tested them out. Holy crap, why did I wait so long to get a pair? They were amazing! My butt didn't hurt once the whole ride! That little bit of extra cushioning works miracles, I tell ya!

Bike shorts make all the difference in the world! #proof #fitfluential

The only downside to these babies is that I'm going to get some super awkward tan lines this summer. Runner tan lines were bad enough, but bike short tan lines....I'm pretty much dreading them.

2. Did you know it's possible to blow a tire while riding on a trainer? I had no idea, but my aunt told me she's blown three rear tires doing trainer rides. This makes me extremely nervous and I did my ride last night with pretty low tension to avoid any problems.

3. When I was home for Easter I hit the pool with my mom for a masters swim class, and I found out a lot of her swimming buddies are doing the Philly Tri too! I was super excited and asked them for lots of advice and got some details on the bike course. They assured me the bike course isn't that hilly and there aren't too many tight turns, which is one of the things I'm most nervous about. My turn radius is not good. I really need to work on it. But I am so excited that there's going to be a good group of people that I know doing the tri in Philly. That means I'll have lots of friendly faces to hang out with before the race starts when I'm feeling super nervous!

One more day til the weekend! Happy Thursday y'all!

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