Tri Training Week 9

by - Thursday, April 19, 2012

Another solid week of training in the books and only three more weeks til my first tri! Ahhh!!!

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This Week:

week 9 training
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Monday: 3200+ yards swimming

Rockin my new suit at the Rodale Aquatic Center
New suit!

The workout itself was 3200 yards. I don't remember what I swam as the warm up, but damn this was a solid butt-kicking. I love swimming with my mom's masters group when I'm home in PA. It's always a great workout and it's fun to have people to joke around with in between sets.

Tuesday: 5 mile run

It was an absolutely gorgeous day out for a run and I met up with a friend to knock out these five miles on the Rock Creek Trail. We ended up running a little bit slower than normal because my friend didn't have time to eat lunch and so his energy stores were just a bit depleted. I think the slow run early in the week helped save my legs for my sweet PR on Saturday, so it all worked out in the end.

Wednesday: 60 minute trainer ride

Bike shorts make all the difference in the world! #proof #fitfluential

I tried out my bike shorts for the first time. They are officially awesome! Butt padding for the win! Also my iPod randomly stopped working part way through the workout. Despite my best efforts, I couldn't revive it. The iPod was approximately 6 months old, so I was not happy. Luckily, Amazon has the world's best customer service and they are sending me a replacement.

Thursday: Strength training

Emily and I are doing a great job of sticking with our lunch time strength training routine on Thursdays. It's actually something I'm starting to look forward to every week.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Half Marathon!


Broke two hours! Enough said!

Sunday: 120 minute bike ride

My legs were still ridiculously sore from my race, but I thought a bike ride might get the blood flowing and help speed recovery along. That plan probably would have worked if I hadn't biked for a solid two hours. It was a fairly decent ride, except for having to dodge a lot of tourists and other people out on the trails. There were points where we had to go really, really slow to navigate the narrow parts.

It was also pretty sunny out and I ended up with some super awkward biking tanlines.

Super awkward tan lines from my bike ride today. #fitfluential #proof
Womp womp

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