Tri Training Week 10

by - Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This week of training was tricky. I was trying to recover from a really hard half marathon effort on Saturday, while still fitting in most of my workouts and somehow prepping for the 10 miler this past Sunday. My legs were so sore for several days after that half that I ended up shuffling a lot of workouts and drastically reducing some of the intensity.

Week 10 numbers:

week 10 training

Monday: Recovery swim + strength

I got to the pool thinking I'd be able to put in an easy hour of swimming, but after a couple 100's I could tell the energy just wasn't there. I certainly didn't feel like I was drowning or anything, I just felt like I wasn't moving in the water -- at all. I pushed through to get at least 30 minutes of swimming done, but it was my most pathetic swim workout ever.

Later in the afternoon I decided to do a light weights workout so I didn't feel like the day was a complete waste.

Tuesday: Tone It Up strength workout

I read on Meghann's blog how she's trying to the Tone It Up strength program to give a little bit of structure to her strength training. Since most of the time when I do weights I just sort of do a bunch of stuff I learned from my personal trainer and physical therapists back in the day, I thought having some structure might be nice so I did one of the Tone It Up workouts. It was a little more leg work than I would have liked post-half marathon, but it was a solid workout.

Wednesday: Running intervals

I debated for a long time whether or not I should skip this workout since I still had a bit of soreness in my legs, but I hoped that running would shake some of that out. I hit the treadmill for nine intervals of two minutes hard, two minutes easy. By the end my legs felt tired, but strong.

Thursday: Strength training with Emily

Normal lunchtime strength training routine.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 80 minute bike ride


We had beautiful weather on Saturday so I met up with Megan for an easy bike ride. We did a few laps of Beach Drive while chatting about our weekends. This was definitely not an intense workout, but I did practice using my toe clips (not to be confused with clipless pedals), which were a new addition to my bike after I took it in for a tune up last week.

Sunday: GW Parkway Classic 10 Miler

The only picture of me from the race. Can you spot me?

I treated this race as a long run and didn't push it too hard. You can read more about it in yesterday's race report.

So another solid week of training in books, and only a bit more than two weeks til my first tri!

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