Run! It's the Zombie Apocalypse

by - Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Last night I met up with my friend Evan for a run around DC. I'm fairly certain we looked absolutely ridiculous on this run for a two reasons.

First, I was wearing my totally awesome Under Armour Terps running shirt that I am completely obsessed with.

In love with my new @underarmour Terps heat gear shirt. Wore it to lift today and it was awesome! #fitfluential

And Evan was wearing a pair of blue Duke shorts. Ew. Terps and Blue Devils don't get along, and we definitely got a few strange looks as we were running down the street.

The second reason we looked absolutely ridiculous is because we were running from zombies.

Yes, you read that right...zombies.

Evan downloaded the Zombies, Run app on to his phone, and we listened to it while we were running.

zombies run

The premise of the app is that there was a crash of some sorts, and now zombies are roaming free. As a runner, you are tasked with accomplishing missions to help keep the few remaining people alive.

I was cracking up listening to the narrator talk in a thick accent about what we needed to do to protect ourselves from the zombie apocalypse. It was our job to pick up things like batteries, food, ammo and other stuff necessary for survival and bring them back to the bunker.

zombies run missions

The app, though ridiculously overpriced ($8 for an app...really?!?!), made our run a lot of fun.

There were times when we had to sprint because the zombies were chasing us and trying to steal our supplies. Evan is freakin' fast and would take off at some ridiculous pace. When he realized I wasn't keeping up with him, he'd look over his shoulder and yell, "Ruuuunnnnn!"

I'm pretty sure that's exactly what happens in all the zombie movies right before the slow person gets her brains eaten.

To Evan's credit, he didn't totally leave me to fend off the zombies myself, but my slow pace wasn't helping us.

Apparently in a zombie apocalypse, you don't want me on your team. Or maybe you do because I'll be the slow one who gets picked off so you survive.

Either way, I was zombie dinner a lot last night and caused us to lose a lot of the supplies we'd picked up.

The other part of the app that was pretty cool is that when the narrator wasn't telling you a story or explaining a mission, he'd play you some music from your iTunes library to pump you up. So while on our supply-finding missions, we got to listen a solid mix of country tunes and a Katy Perry song.

zombies run music

The app also tracked our pace and distance. Each of the zombie sprints was about a minute long, and thanks to the fabulous humidity, I was gassed after each of them. It definitely made for a killer workout and a fun way to sneak in some speed work.

The app also has some more game-play features for when you're not running. You can use all those supplies you collected to help care for sick people in the small civilization trying to stay alive, you can provide soldiers with ammo to fend off the zombies or you can fortify your buildings.

We had a blast playing with this app, and I'm actually kicking around the idea of downloading it myself, even though I don't have a single non-free app on my phone.

Luckily Evan and I were able to knock out about 4.5 miles before the real zombie apocalypse started in DC.

DC clouds

Or maybe it was just thunderstorms rolling through, but zombie apocalypse just sounds more fun.

(Special thanks to @newmediajim for the awesome shot of clouds rolling in over the White House.)

Zombies, Run gets a solid 4 out of 5 in my book. The docked point is because of the price.

Have you ever tried this app or any others like it?

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  1. That's so cool! I've never tried an app like that! Thanks for sharing it! :)