Tri Training Week 12

by - Tuesday, May 08, 2012

We're officially four days out from my very first triathlon!! I cannot believe it's almost here. I've somehow managed to keep the stressing to a minimum so far this week and the anxiety nightmares have stayed away. I'm hoping that pattern continues for the rest of the week, so I'm well rested come Saturday morning.

This Week's Numbers:

week 12 training

Monday: 60 minute swim

I struggled with motivation on Monday. I originally had plans to meet a friend for a run in the afternoon, but he got sick and cancelled an hour before our planned run. I had been really looking forward to the run since we were going to explore some new-to-us trails. I moped around for a while debating whether to run by myself, but then decided to get in the pool to prove to myself that I am actually a pretty solid swimmer. My swimming confidence was a bit shaken after that first open water swim, but I felt much better after a good pool workout.

Tuesday: Brick - 60 minute bike, 30 minute run

I made a fun little video about this workout for the Under Armour What's Beautiful competition and I thought I'd share.

Basically, I kept it steady on the bike and tried to hold on through the run.

Wednesday: 3 mile run

I've been finding the runs on the days right after my brick workouts have kind of sucked lately. I think it has something to do with fueling so I either need to eat more the night after my brick or eat more the morning before my run.

Thursday: Strength

In love with my new @underarmour Terps heat gear shirt. Wore it to lift today and it was awesome! #fitfluential

Mainly upper body and core.

Rocked my bran new Terps Under Armour workout shirt. I am totally obsessed with it.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Unintentional rest

I ended up missing my brick workout on Saturday because I was out late Friday night with friends and then had plans all day Saturday starting at noon. I didn't have the time to squeeze in a three-hour workout before that. My original plan was to move the brick to Sunday, but that just didn't happen.

Sunday: Open Water Swim clinic

Dreary and overcast before our swim

I swam 1,000 yards/meters (I'm not really sure) in a murky river in Virginia. I did a little better with my sighting this week, but I always find myself super out of breath during open water swims. I need to work on keeping my heart rate lower and my breathing more calm and consistent. The water in the river was much warmer than the water in the bay and I'm hoping that means that water I'll be swimming in for the tri will be warmer too!

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