Training Guilt

by - Tuesday, May 29, 2012

When people ask me what I blog about I tell them pretty much what you'd expect: running, health, fitness, triathlon training, etc.

But I tend to say, "I also write about trying to find balance between my life and my training."

I won't lie, lately I've sucked at the balance part.

I feel like for the past several months, I've been gung ho training at the expense of the rest of my life.

all I do is train

These days, I live out of my gym bag, constantly smell like chlorine and/or sweat, and haven't put one ounce of energy into my appearance or my hair in weeks. (and I wonder why I'm still single...)

I knew it was really bad when I got an email from my mom not that long ago telling me that maybe I should tone it down on the training front and focus a little more on my social life.

So I decided Memorial Day Weekend was the perfect time to do that.

My social calendar was packed to the brim this weekend. Between nights out with friends, days at the beach and BBQs, I put way more emphasis on the social part of my life than on my training.

Hello summer! Sunshine + sandy beach + good beach reading = perfection
Look, my gym bag even went with me to the beach

And last night, I felt guilty as hell about it.

I fit in a run and an open water swim this weekend, but it was less than what the plan called for and I tossed and turned all night thinking about all those workouts I didn't do plus how unhealthy I'd eaten all weekend and how I was just destroying all my previous hard work and training.

Don't even get me started on how stressed out I am about my friend's wedding this weekend. It's out of town. I have to travel and I will miss a boatload of my training because of it. That's obviously not the attitude I want to have about my friend's wedding.

Man at this point, I just can't wait until the Philadelphia triathlon is over so my training plan can go away and I can stop feeling guilty about choosing my friends over my workouts.

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