Family Tailgate in Philly

by - Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekends when the Terps have away games are supposed to be my laid back weekends to recover, but that was hardly the case this weekend. In fact, this weekend I went on the road to watch the Terps play Temple in Philly.

My dad and brother went to Temple and my cousins Laura, Nate and I all went to Maryland. We've been planning our family trip to Philly for this game since my cousin's wedding back in July.

Family in Philly
L to R: Nate, Laura, my dad, me, my brother Tom, my mom (clearly being Switzerland)

If you're a huge sports fan, you may remember that last year, Temple came to UMD and laid a beat down on the Terps. The final score was an embarrassing 38-7, and Maryland only managed to get on the board when Temple put their third string in the game.

My parents and brother came down to Maryland for that game, and ever since that whopping my brother has been talking a lot of trash.

Last year's game at Maryland.

When the Terps put up 29 points in the first half, I was fairly confident we were going to win the game.

But things got a little dicey in the second half, when our offense completely stalled and Temple started putting lots of points on the board.

Then we fumbled a punt return. Temple recovered it in the red zone. Our defense held them to a field goal attempt, which we blocked. And then fumbled away a few plays later. Seriously, I don't think I've ever experienced so many emotional ups and downs in one game.

At the end of the day the Terps were able to pull out the W, making us 2-0 on the season.

My family all had a blast (well except maybe my brother who was a little salty after the loss) and I'm so looking forward to our next family get together at the Baltimore Running Festival.

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  1. Laura4:24 AM

    was such a fun time!!

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