Today I Am Sore

by - Monday, September 24, 2012

I am more sore this morning from playing flag football yesterday than I was Saturday morning after my 20 mile run.


What is wrong with that picture?

My 20 mile run went OK. Mentally, I wasn't really feeling it, so I was really glad I had plans to meet up with Megan around mile 5 so we could do a large chunk of the mileage together.

Friends on 20 mile run
Megan, her roommate Jax and me

Sometimes just knowing you have someone waiting for you is the kick you need to get out of bed and get moving.

The run started off kind of rough. My legs were tired and sore and I couldn't get my mind to stop focusing on how much longer I had to go.

By the time I met up with Megan and her roommate Jax, I was so thrilled to have people to talk with to distract me.

The next four miles flew by as we talked and laughed. Jax split off after about nine miles, and Megan and I split around 16. By the time Megan and I headed our separate ways, you could tell the mileage was wearing on both of us.

20 miles done. Everything hurts. Seriously wonder if I will ever be able to walk again.

I managed to finish the run in 3:19:45, just under a 10 minute per mile average pace. It wasn't as great as my 18 mile run the week before, but it's still a time I was happy with.

I did my best to recover well, knowing I had a big weekend ahead of me with my friends' wedding and the start of flag football season.

Amy and Ryan's wedding!
Quick shot of me and friends at the wedding. More on this later!

My legs were feeling pretty solid by the time our football game rolled around on Sunday, and I played a decent game. I had two catches for first downs! But of course, after my second catch, I got clobbered by a girl and flew into another guy and took a nice tumble.


I can feel every bit of that fall this morning in my right knee, hip and hamstring. I iced my knee yesterday after the game and tried to stretch out my very, very achy hip and hamstring, but it didn't do much to help.

It's definitely not a serious injury, but I was just surprised by how sore I was this morning, since the fall didn't seem all that bad during the game. Probably a sign I'm getting old. I can't take those football hits quite as easily.

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  1. Laura5:12 AM

    that dress is GORGEOUS! You look beautiful :)

  2. Awe thank you!

  3. Nice job on your 20 miler! And I agree, that's a great dress!