Marine Corps Marathon Training Week Seven

by - Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's been a while since I've recapped one of my MCM training weeks. I'm not sure why I fell off the wagon with that, but I figure it's time to get back on. Somehow, we're just a little more than five weeks away from race day or about 40 days, as the MCM Facebook page reminded me yesterday.


Seriously when did that happen?!

It seems like it was just a few days ago I was creating my training plan and getting ready for my first long run, but now here we are recapping week seven of training.

Week seven was a solid week of training for me after taking a week off.

Sunday: 9 miles, easy pace

This workout originally called for nine miles with six of them at marathon pace, but after taking an entire week off, I knew it wouldn't be smart to push the speed, so I didn't. I just set out with the goal of accomplishing the miles at whatever pace necessary. Apparently that plan worked and I finished with an average right around 10 minutes per mile.

Monday: 3 miles easy

I was pretty sore after Sunday's run and had debated taking Monday as a rest day, but then Megan and I were talking on  g-chat about how gorgeous the weather was and we knew we couldn't pass up a chance for a run. So Megan and I met up, knocked out three nice and easy miles while catching up on life. And of course we celebrated with some post-run fro-yo.

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 4.5 miles easy


It was another gorgeous day for a run with temperatures in the upper 60's/low 70's. I am so enjoying this cooler running weather, though I'm not totally convinced fall is here to stay for good just yet.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 18 miles

18 miles at an average of 9:39 per mile. I am so beyond pumped!

Friday's long run was amazing and a huge confidence booster.

Saturday: Rest (but on my feet all day at a tailgate #fail)

Sunday: Rest

Total mileage: 34.5 

My overall mileage was definitely a little bit lower this week than normal, but I was happy that I hit most of my quality runs and totally rocked it on my long run.  I only have about three more weeks of hard training before I get to taper so we're definitely in the final push here. I can't believe we're so close, but I am so, so excited for race day to be here!


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