Run Cut Short

by - Thursday, September 27, 2012

I am a stubborn runner.

(Well really, I'm probably just a stubborn person, but that's beside the point.)

When I get it in my mind that I'm running a certain workout on a certain day, I hate deviating from the plan.

Sometimes that stubbornness is a good thing. It helps me get my runs in even when my motivation is super low. But sometimes it can also be a bad thing and more often than I'd like to admit, I find myself pushing through runs even when things don't feel right so I can say I hit my mileage for the day.

Yesterday, I gave my stubborn self a break.

I was already compromising the distance of the run. I had 10 miles planned, but knew that wasn't going to fit into my schedule. I was annoyed, but settled on getting in five miles. Hey it's better than nothing right?

So I headed out the door on my lunch break and immediately felt stiff and sore and tight in really weird places. I figured the discomfort would fade once I warmed up, but it didn't. Instead I could feel my right glute and hip getting tighter and tighter, and then my form was completely shot.

My right foot was hitting the ground at the weirdest angles and it was really bothering my ankle and my knee.

I stopped to stretch, still very determined to finish all five miles.

When I started running again, I knew five miles wasn't in the cards. Heck, I knew another mile wasn't even in the cards.

So I pushed back my stubbornness and headed back home sort of feeling like I had my tail between my legs.

I know it was the smart thing to do. At this point in the game, it's not worth pushing through a run and risking injury, especially when I've been known to have knee issues crop up at really unfortunate times. But it's still frustrating as hell.

I hate not finishing the runs I have planned. I hate having to cut runs short because something's feeling off. Oh and I definitely hate that I feel like a major marathon training slacker.

I was not in a happy place when I got home from that run. I'm still a little hung up on it today, but I'm trying to let it go. I foam rolled a good amount yesterday to help loosen things up. I'll do the same again tonight.

I have another 20 miler on the schedule for tomorrow morning and I need to be on my A game for that run. In the grand scheme of things, being healthy for that 20 mile run is more important than a missed five miler.

But still, cutting runs short sucks.

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  1. I am having the SAME WEIRD TIGHTNESS in my glute and hip, and my knee has been hurting because of it. So much, in fact, that I've replaced two runs this week with spin classes (I'm training for NYCM). I've been attacking everything with my foam roller and Stick like crazy, but still having issues loosening everything up... feel free to share any amazing stretches you discover :)

  2. I have hip issues here too. :( I feel like an old lady. I know exactly what you mean about the frustration of having to shorten/skip a scheduled run.

  3. There is never anything wrong with cutting a workout short if your body doesn't feel right. If you don't stop when that happens it could lead to injury. Even some of the pros will tell you they cut workouts short or cut one out if they don't think it's a good idea to do the workout.

    It's amazing how many people can't grasp that it's better to skip a workout and finish your race 5-10 minutes slower or whatever than force workouts and not make it to the starting line.

  4. Stubbornness only gets me so far. I just started running again after a year off, and found I needed a mantra to chant while I'm running. I came up with "Find the Reason. Find the Courage. Find the Strength. Run." Has a great cadence to it. Any case, keep up the great training!

  5. Esther10:44 AM

    Speaking as someone who didn't stop mid-run when she should have and now can't run for several weeks due to a tendon injury, you made a good call. I hope your next run goes well!