CrossFit Goals and Measuring Success

by - Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The weather in DC has been really strange lately. Yesterday it was warm and in the low 70's.

I was able to run in shorts and I actually felt a little uncomfortably warm on the run.

Running in shorts in November. No complaints here. @mizunorunning #fitfluential

I did about 3 miles, but didn't wear my watch so I have no idea what my pace was. I felt slow though.

Today it is rainy and about 45 degrees. Luckily, I won't be working out outside today. Instead I'll be doing my first ever CrossFit class!


I am two parts excited and one part nervous. The nervous part is mainly because I'm fairly certain I won't be able to walk tomorrow after a thorough butt-kicking tonight.

I'm viewing CrossFit as a fun experience and something different to try between now and Christmas. If I love it and I'm seeing some results by then, I might sign up to do it longer term. If I hate it or I'm not seeing any results, I won't continue to do it.

Data nerd alert!

In order to measure results, I'm going to be taking all sorts of fun measurements before my class tonight.  I plan to monitor weight, body fat percentage, and then number of inches around pretty typical body parts: waist, hips, biceps, etc.


I'm not sure if I'm going to go public with any of those numbers, but I will most likely do some sort of check-in where I at least let you know if I'm seeing changes and what direction things are moving in.

My biggest goal for CrossFit is that I'd like to put on some muscle (and ideally have it replace fat). So a drop in body fat percentage is going to be the key indicator for me of how CrossFit is going.

I'll be back tomorrow to let you know how the first workout goes. Fingers crossed, I won't be in too much pain.

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  1. Hope you have a blast at Crossfit! After doing it for roughly 8 weeks now I can honestly say its done more for my fitness than any other exercise I've done - I've dropped about 2% bodyfat so far and gone from not being able to do 1 pull-up with any assisting band to being able to do 1 unassisted!

    Let us know how you're doing and how you find it!

  2. Have fun! Which location are you going to? I've been going to the Ballston location. They're awesome!

  3. I'm going to the one in Silver Spring because it's closest to my house!

  4. That's right, I forgot you were up in MD. Have you already done the Foundations class or is this just your first trial class??

  5. The way this gym does it is that you take eight "CrossFit Elements" classes, which teach you the basics of form and are your first intro to WODs. So I guess that's similar to the Foundations class at other gyms.

  6. Yeah, that's what the foundations class is. At least at my location. It was 2 weeks worth of classes to learn all the lifting techniques before actually being able to do the WOD's. You will def be sore, but I'm sure you will enjoy it ;)

  7. You're going to love it! There's certainly no need to publish any actual numbers if you don't want to, I am a prince of over-disclosure and catch lots of grief for it. But you will see progress and changes come quickly, from what I understand. You may even get hooked. Have fun!

  8. You'll be fine! I was super nervous for my first class too, but everyone is really encouraging and everything really is scaleable. Good luck!

  9. love that photo of the girls hanging from the bar. strong is sexy.