CrossFit in an Air Cast

by - Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Last night I had my third CrossFit Elements class, and I didn't want to miss it because my foot is in a giant air cast to cushion the strained tendon in my foot.

Commuting in a massive air cast is kind of a bitch.

I opted to go to the class, figuring I'd do the moves that I could and at least watch the others to learn the proper form of anything I couldn't participate in.

When I showed up Coach Colin asked me right away what happened and what I could and couldn't do workout wise, and then he came up with a modified workout plan for me.

Crossfit gm

Unfortunately for me, the class was learning the beginnings of box jumps tonight and since high impact is out of the question for me, I wasn't able to participate. I was so bummed! I had been looking forward to box jumps for a while.

But Colin promised we'd do more of them in future classes and hopefully by then my foot will be on the mend.

We also learned front squats and presses with the weighted bar. I was able to at least practice the form on those, but I couldn't really manage much weight on the bar in the squats because the air cast makes me wobbly.


Our workout of the day consisted of five squats followed by bear crawls, doing as many sets as possible in five minutes.

Colin modified it for me, and I did five squats with a kettlebell and then a kettlebell carry, as many sets as possible in five minutes. Holding the kettlebell was easier than squatting with a big heavy bar, and I could keep better form.

At the end of the workout, I wasn't as winded as the other people in my class doing the actual WOD, but I still know I got a decent workout.

It was hard standing on the side and watching the class try some of the things I couldn't do. Being injured definitely sucks, but I was so glad I can still at least do a little bit of a CrossFit workout.

Our coaches emphasized a lot that any workout can be modified to work around injuries, so I plan to keep going to the classes and doing what I can. Better than sitting at home and moping about how I can't run.

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  1. That's good everything could be modified.

    Man, CrossFit freaks me out, though! All those weights, ack!

  2. THAT is freaking awesome! Way to get it done cast and all! Super impressed!!

  3. cool. do what you can and love it. Flexibility is one of the benefits of crossfit. So is increased core strength, which is one of the biggest preventers of tendon injury - knee, hip, and ankle.

  4. This is awesome! I'm actually taking my third CrossFit Fundamentals class on Monday, so I'm at about the same spot as you. I love that they were able to make the class work for you with your injury.

  5. Knee injury orthomol Tendo What rare good luck! What happiness!