LivingSocial Glow in the Dark 5K Dance Party

by - Monday, November 12, 2012

What could be more fun than running a 5K with a bunch of your friends?

How about running a 5K in the dark on a course lit only by stuff that glows in the dark and then getting to celebrate the run at a post-race dance party?

Start line

That was the awesomeness of the LivingSocial Glow in the Dark 5K Dance Party.

Friday night, I headed out to RFK Stadium in DC where LivingSocial had set up a 5K course through the stadium's parking lots. When I was first looking at the map, I was wondering how exciting a course through parking lots could be.

But then I noticed there were things on the course like glow tunnels, and glow-in-the-dark spray paint tents and speakers pumping music throughout the entire course.

Photo by Drew Angerer/LivingSocial

I had a feeling this race was going to be beyond fun.

A ton of my friends were doing this race, and I had plans to run with my coworker Emily, her boyfriend Mike and their friend Diana.

Jess and Emily
Me and Emily at the start

We met at the start line, dressed in our black running gear. Because LivingSocial comped my entry to the race, I got to start in the very first corral. I don't think I've ever started a race this close to the start line.

As the countdown started, we got ready to take off. Once we got through the start line, it took a minute for my eyes to adjust to the darkness, but then I was able to see pretty well despite it being nighttime.

We took off at a pretty fast pace, dancing along to the music and running through all the tents where volunteers sprayed you with glow-in-the-dark paint.

Photo by Drew Angerer/LivingSocial

I didn't see any mile markers on the course (though there's a chance I just missed them), so I was glad I had my Garmin to at least let us know how far we'd gone.

I loved the music they were playing on the course. It was fun and happy party music and I definitely busted out some goofy dance moves and sang along as we were running.

This race was all about having fun and we all crossed the finish line with big smiles on our faces.

Diana, Mike, Emily and me after finishing

We rode our endorphin high back to the DC Armory where a crazy dance party was already underway. We grabbed some drinks and hit the dance floor while we waited for the rest of our friends to finish the race.

Dance party
Lauren, Laurie, Emily and me at the dance party

I was sad I had to leave the dance party on the earlier side because of that whole 4 a.m. wake up call on Saturday morning. I was having such a blast and I didn't want to leave.

Photo by Drew Angerer/LivingSocial

It sounded like everyone I talked to had a really, really great time with the race. I wasn't sure how LivingSocial would manage a race with more than 7,000 participants, but they did a great job keeping enough space between all the corrals. My friends in the back corrals said the course was crowded, but not in an uncomfortable or annoying way.

I seriously think this was one of the most fun races that I have ever run. I loved every minute of the course and the dance party. I need to get more "just for fun" races on my calendar.

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  1. How cool! That seems like so much fun. Finishing with a dance party is the way to go.

  2. Emily8:09 AM

    I was also very skeptical about how LS would handle that many people, but it wasn't nearly as chaotic as I thought it would be! Definitely a fun time.

  3. I would love to try something like this, it looks so fun!

  4. Lindsay7:42 AM

    Did you get spray painted? How do I get this stuff out of my clothes!?!?!?

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