My First Taste of CrossFit

by - Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Happy Election Day!!!

I hope everyone takes the time to go out and vote today, and no matter which way you swing politically, let's all celebrate that after tomorrow there will be no more political ads! Hooray!!!

In workout news, last night, I decided that running another marathon in 4.5 weeks apparently wasn't the only fitness challenge I wanted to tackle this month. I went to the local CrossFit gym and met with one of the trainers to learn more about the program and the workouts.


Going in, I was pretty sure I was going to sign up unless they said something ridiculous or pushed the Paleo stuff too hard.

But the trainer was awesome. He mentioned Paleo, but also acknowledged that since I was a runner, I would need to be eating some carbs too. (Let's not kid ourselves, I'm not doing CrossFit for the diet.) He talked a lot about how he thought CrossFit could benefit my running and seemed pretty cool with the fact that I was just looking to try CrossFit as a way to mix things up in the running off-season.

I've heard from a few people that some CrossFit people drink the haterade when it comes to distance running, but I didn't get that vibe at all last night.


So after maybe 40 minutes of talking about goals, my current fitness level and getting a good overview of the program, I forked over more money than I ever care to admit for the month-long intro class.

The intro class meets twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and gets underway next week. The point of the intro classes is to teach you the basic form you need to not get injured. The class is eight sessions long, and any time after the first four sessions, you are welcome to attend regular WOD classes.


I'm excited to get started and definitely less nervous than I was walking in to the gym last night. It's good to know that everyone in my intro classes will be a newbie like me and will have just as much of a learning curve as I will.

Have you ever tried CrossFit? What did you think of it? Any tips for a newbie?

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  1. Most crossfit places do hate on the carbs and distance running. You found a very open minded box there. I know that crossfit will absolutely make you feel out of shape, even if you did just run a mararthon. The WOD's are insanely cool workouts, and will whip you into shape in a hurry. it's very effective.

  2. I know some people who LOVE's crazy expensive up here, in my opinion. I also think it's a fad that might not last too long...but that's just me!

  3. Cross fit scares me. There's weights involved. The only lifting I like to do is lifting my kids, and I don't even like doing that all that much.

  4. I did Crossfit for a year before I started running more seriously. I really liked it - the workouts are HARRRRD and you will definitely develop muscles that you didn't even know existed. But for me personally, I didn't find that I could run as much as I wanted and continue to do the WODs. I am prone to shin splints/stress fractures, and my legs just couldn't handle it. That said, a lot of boxes have Crossfit Endurance programming, which is specifically designed for endurance athletes (obviously). Might be worth checking out if you're interested.

  5. i love CF - the workouts push me in a different way than running does and i guess it's a nice 'change' for me. i have heard the same about how they hate-on distance runners, but i have not experienced that at all myself. it is rather pricey... but i tell myself i essentially have (almost) a personal trainer 6 days a week lol.

  6. Best of luck and enjoy the challenge!

  7. awesome! my hubby and i just started and we love it!