A CrossFit Gym is a Playground for Grownups

by - Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I feel like I spend a lot of time these days gushing on the blog about how much I'm "OMG soooo in love with CrossFit."

There are lots of reasons, but for me the two biggest ones are the people and the fact that the workouts feels a little like play. Don't get me wrong, it's still hard, but there's something about watching grown adults army crawl and crab walk relay-style across the floor that makes me think I'm in a middle school gym class.

[caption id="attachment_2630" align="alignnone" width="500"]Fireman's carry Throwing people over your shoulder...also kind of fun[/caption]

Take Saturday's class for example. We all had to line up shoulder to shoulder holding a high plank. Then the person on the end of the row dropped down to their stomach and army crawled under us. When they got to the end they joined the line of people holding planks.

It was a big class, so you held plank for a long time, and your arms and abs were definitely feeling it, but at the same time we were all laughing and having fun.

It's great to be able to crack a smile with the people who are working out next to you and even get a laugh in about how ridiculous you look crawling across the floor.

Last night's class was no different, but instead of crawling, we practiced handstands. Talk about taking me back to when I was a kid. I was the queen of gymnastics in my backyard growing up. I would cartwheel all over the place and do handstands and the occasional handspring (except then I usually ended up getting hurt.)

[caption id="attachment_2631" align="alignnone" width="500"]CrossFit handstands Handstands with Joanna[/caption]

These days I can't do a handstand for more than a second without the wall for support, but hey when I've got the wall to lean against, I can hang out there for a little while.

After the fun stuff, we always get down to more serious lift and sweat sessions.

The WOD is obviously what CrossFit is most well-known for and getting a serious butt kicking each class is a huge part of the reason I signed up. But what really makes me look forward to class each day is how much fun the coaches make it and how sometimes it just feels like we're playing on the playground.

Fitness people always say if you find a way to make your workouts fun, you'll keep coming back to them. I've found that to be abundantly true with CrossFit. The fun stuff and the laughs with good people all while still getting an awesome workout make me want to go back day after day.

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  1. I'm two months into Crossfit and absolutely love it. Such a great community and it pushes you so much further than you can push yourself!

  2. I called crossfit adult recess!

  3. Totally on the same page :) We did cartwheels and rolls on Saturday and I was in heaven. I was gymnastics queen as a kid and it totally takes me back!