Good Riddance, February

by - Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's the last day in February (and random fact, also my half birthday) and I can't I'm sad to see this month go.

February was not very nice to me.

For such a short month, it managed to wreck a lot of havoc on my wallet.

Between an expensive computer repair, my two lovely car repairs and sizeable car insurance payment (I only pay every six months), I will be so, so happy to see March roll around tomorrow and have all my budget numbers refresh.

(No worries budget conscious friends, I did not put myself in any sort of debt fixing said problems. They still stressed me out a crap ton though.)

February was also crappy on the training front. The weather made me not want to run outside at all. So I didn't really. A few times here or there, but I mostly just ignored running.

Took my new Saucony #virrata shoes out on their first run today. Love them! #findyourstrong

I did CrossFit a few times a week in the beginning of the month, but then last week things were just too crazy and I didn't work out once.

Crossfit free class

This month has just made me feel bleh and I'm ready for a new month and a fresh start.

We change the clocks in March so we'll get some more daylight back in our lives, which will hopefully make me more cheery. Plus I'm hoping the weather will start to warm up (or at least be less dreary) soon.

Perhaps it's not actually February I hate, but more the fact that winter is dragging on and on, and I'm over it.

Either way, peace out February, I will not miss you at all.

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  1. I'm with ya on not missing February being put in the rear view mirror. It was a bad month for me too and I'm hoping March will turn things around.

  2. I'm so with you...this winter has really tested me, even though we haven't even had snow! It just seemed colder, windier, drearier than normal. Bring on spring!

  3. I'm ready to see Feb in the rear view too. Going back onto DST always makes Kelley crazy and I hate getting used to the change, but I'd rather be on DST than off of it.

  4. I felt the same way about February. Blah! And I was dealing with a flare up of my runner's knee so that gave me the blues. Definitely haven't been Miss Sunshine lately. Hoping March is better!