Oh My Quads

by - Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How is it possible that my quads are still aching after the CrossFit workout I did on Saturday?

I mean, I know delayed onset muscles soreness is a thing and all, but man, to still be sore this long after the fact, sheesh, makes me feel out of shape.

The lift portion of my Saturday workouts was focused on deadlifts and dumbbell presses. Deadlifts are kind of becoming my favorite thing ever.

But it was the "sweat" portion of the class, with its millions of squats, that really did my quads (and arms) in.

Saturday's Sweat:

  • 5 sets, per arm

  • 6 Single Arm Kettlebell Front Squats, L

  • Rack Walk, L

  • 6 ingle Arm Kettlebell Front Squats, R

  • Rack Walk, R

  • Every time you put down the kettlebell, perform 20 swings.

During the workout, my arms were aching from lugging the kettlebell, but I obviously wasn't going to put it on the ground and risk a 20-kettlebell-swing penalty.

But by that night, the soreness in my arms had faded and my quads were on fire. So, so many squats. It was painful to walk down my stairs...and up my stairs...and to get in and out of my car.

I took Sunday as a rest day to let my poor aching legs recover.

Then yesterday I went out for a quick run. Nothing crazy, just three miles, but boy were my quads talking to me. They were especially telling me how much they hated the hills on the route.

Damp and gross outside, but still knocked out a decent 5k. #fitfluential

We foam roll at the start of every CrossFit class, and I'm sure tonight my quads are just going to loooove that.

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  1. Laura2:49 AM

    I think Nate can definitely relate!! He started last week and has also echoed your sentiments of difficulty walking up and down stairs!

  2. ooooo that's some tough kettlebelling! ouch. Yea I'd say that will destroy some quads. You should notice in a few weeks how much easier it is to run up hills though.