A Weekend Full of Softball

by - Monday, June 03, 2013

There's seriously no better way to spend a weekend in the summer than with lots and lots of softball and spending time with all my softball friends.

My alumni league had a doubleheader Saturday afternoon against West Virginia and Penn State. The temperature was up in the 90s on Saturday, so the playing conditions weren't ideal, but luckily plenty of people showed up for the games so we had lots of subs.


We beat West Virginia in our first game, though it was a close one.

And I think between the heat and how close the previous game was, by the time we got to Penn State, we were about done. It just wasn't a pretty game and we lost by more than I care to admit. It was also our first loss of the season, womp womp.

I spent Sunday afternoon with my men's team...where I obviously do not play, but I "coach"/keep score/hang out with all my friends.

I should note this is not the book from Sunday's game. I keep a much, much neater book.

We won both games, putting us at 4-0 for the season.

I think the real victory for the entire weekend though, was after spending so much time outside, I managed to not pick up any sunburn, and only walked away with minorly awkward cleat tan lines.


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  1. You got lucky with the sun damage. IM Raleigh left me absolutely fried. I still can barely sleep with this much sunburn. ouch! it got seriously hot out there.