A Trip to the Driving Range

by - Thursday, August 15, 2013

I finally feel like I'm settling in to my new apartment. I'm still missing lots of furniture, but I plan to spend a large part of my Saturday furnishing and decorating the new place.

Plus, I'm taking full advantage of the rooftop pool.

Relaxing after a day of meetings at the office.

Having my own space has been pretty amazing. It's so wonderful not to have to share a bathroom with someone else and try to coordinate who is showering when so we can all get to work on time. If I want to blast country music while I'm making dinner, I can, without worrying about bothering anyone.

And everything is so clean and organized, something that was sorely lacking in my last place.

I promise an official apartment tour once I get all my furniture.

In other news, we've had some absolutely gorgeous weather in the DC area the last two days. You'd think it was fall with the crisp mornings and complete lack of humidity.

Since I can't take advantage of the weather by running, last night, I hit the driving range with Jon and Sarah.


I haven't been to a driving range probably since I was like 14 or 15. My dad used to take my brother and I a bunch when we were growing up. I took lessons for a little while as a kid, and my family would play nine holes. I was never very good. I always struggled to hit the ball in the air, but I always had a good time at the driving range.

So it was nice to go back last night.


Jon's a pretty awesome golfer, so he was giving me pointers and I actually did really well for having not picked up a golf club in 10+ years.

It's a lot to remember though when you're lining up to take a shot. Every time I mentally ran through my form and checked everything, I would hit the ball really well. When I just tried to hit the ball without thinking, it went very poorly.



Can you tell by our outfits which one of us is not the golfer?

But it was a beautiful night to be outside, and hitting the driving range was really relaxing. We're definitely going to make plans to go back soon.

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