I Don't Always Get Stress Fractures...

by - Monday, August 05, 2013

Friday afternoon, I got the results of my MRI, and turns out the MRI gave the doctors an idea of what might be wrong, but the results weren't completely conclusive, so they need to send me for a CT scan to confirm the findings.

And what are the findings you might ask?

Oh...well you know....just three to five stress fractures in my foot.


I may be going back in a boot for another two to three weeks. I may not. My doc wants to wait until we have something more conclusive, and since I've been walking around in sneakers for the last 5+ weeks, she doesn't want to stick me in a boot unless she really has to.

Hopefully, I'll be able to schedule a CT scan soon and get some answers!

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  1. Laura4:35 AM

    UGH what a bummer! was hoping they'd give you a clean bill of health and you'd be back to running in no time. Hope that you feel better soon :) look forward to seeing you Friday!!!

  2. Ugh! Talk about bad luck! But hey, I guess 5 at once is better than one at 5 different times?? Here's to quick healing of whatever it turns out to be!

  3. Oh man. That sounds awful. I hope they heal up for you soon!

  4. Rachel11:09 AM

    Better switch from running to CrossFit. LOL