My Foot MRI Experience and a Workout

by - Thursday, August 01, 2013

Yesterday morning I rolled up to the radiology center to have a whole lot of radiation blasted at my foot in attempt to figure out why it's been so slow to heal from my fall back in June.


I was a little nervous going in because on the phone the lady said I'd be going into the machine head first, and man those MRI machines are enough to freak out even the least claustrophobic people.

MRI Machine

But much to my relief, when I got there, the technician had me lay on my stomach and slid me into the machine feet first, so my head and torso weren't actually in the MRI tube.

All I had to do was lay still for 30 minutes while the magnets did their thing.

It turns out though that it's really hard to lay still without feeling the need to flinch every few minutes. I was hoping to maybe grab some Zzzz's, but MRIs are really loud, and then I tried to distract myself with random daydreams, but man that didn't work either. I was antsy and kept wondering when the 30 minutes would be over.

Eventually, we wrapped up and the tech sent me off with a CD full of pictures of my foot, and a promise to have the report to my doc in 48 hours.


Of course the first thing I did when I got home was pop the CD in my computer to take a look at them. Not that I'd have the first clue what I was looking at, but I was still curious.

Unfortunately, the MRI program doesn't work on Macs (lame!) so I headed over to my friend's office at lunch to use his PC.

There were tons of pictures showing all different angles of my foot.

I kept trying to zero in on the outside left part of my foot to see if there was anything there. All I saw in one of them was part of my metatarsal looking a little weirdly discolored compared to the rest of the bone.


Maybe that's what's causing the problem, but I'll have to wait until my doctor's appointment on Friday to find out the real answer.

In other news, I did my first real workout yesterday afternoon since I got hurt. When I was at the doctor on Monday, he said if I wanted to be able to run my race in September, I needed to start putting in some time in the pool or on the bike (if it didn't hurt.)

#ad stuck doing no impact activities til my foot heals so trying the cycling function on my Polar. #teampolar #fitfluential

With my schedule it can be tough to get to the pool, but luckily, I have very generous friends. Megan offered to loan me her bike trainer since it was just gathering dust in her closet.

So I dusted off my bike, which I haven't used since tri training more than a year ago, put some air in the tires and set her up on the trainer.

I followed one of Frayed Laces' Trainer Tuesday workouts, and put in a solid 60 pain-free minutes of spinning. Actually, I lied. The workout wasn't totally pain free. My butt hurt like crazy by the time I stopped riding. I forgot how long it takes me to adjust to bike seats, even when I wear super unflattering bike or tri shorts with some cushioning.

Haven't tried for a tri in more than a year. But one thing hasn't changed. Tri/bike shorts are still the most unflattering workout gear ever.
Never flattering

Man did it feel good to work out. I had missed those endorphins. And while cycling has never done it for me in the way that running or CrossFit has, at this point, it's better than nothing.

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