Half Marathon Training Through My Stress Fractures

by - Tuesday, August 06, 2013

So while I'm waiting for my millions of stress fractures to heal, my doctor didn't want me sitting around twiddling my fingers and turning into a lazy, depressed beached whale.


As a distance runner and endurance junkie who has suffered several stress fractures herself, she knows how hard it is to be sidelined from the sport you love. She also knows how hard it can be for runners to be forced to cross train instead of going on runs.

We had a nice chat on Friday about how spinning or swimming just doesn't do it for us like running does. Let me tell you, it's really nice to have a doctor who gets exactly what you're going through.

So while I was in the office on Friday getting the results of my MRI, we devised a plan.

I'm registered to run a half marathon on September 14th. I thought for sure I'd have to scratch the race and take a DNS, but my doctor was determined to make sure I still run the race.

Since right now I'm limited to biking and swimming, she wants me to still follow my half marathon training plan in terms of time and distance, but swap those runs for cycle rides instead.

#ad stuck doing no impact activities til my foot heals so trying the cycling function on my Polar. #teampolar #fitfluential

She said that would build the necessary cardiovascular fitness I would need to run the race, and that I should be healed in enough time to get in a few quality runs before race day.

Obviously, I won't be able to go into the race looking for a PR, but she thinks I should still be able to cross the finish line. At this point, I'll take it.

I have bigger fish to fry later in the fall and early spring in terms of races, and this September half was never meant to be anything more than a fun run with friends. So as long as I can complete the distance and cross the finish line, I'll be a happy girl.

In the meantime, I'll be spending lots and lots of time on the bike.

Haven't tried for a tri in more than a year. But one thing hasn't changed. Tri/bike shorts are still the most unflattering workout gear ever.

Must find my bike shorts, my tri shorts just aren't cutting it in terms of cushioning.

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  1. I would recommend Giordana bike shorts to you. By far the most comfortable pair I own! My sugoi bike shorts (not tri shorts) aren't bad, either. Have you ever worn bib shorts? They're a total game changer and worth it! Do you subscribe to The Clymb? They have amazing cycling apparel (and general outdoor) deals! Enjoy the biking, I can say from experience (training for an Ironman) that it's perfect crosstraining for running! :)

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