Establishing a New Routine

by - Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy Monday friends!

I'm glad to be working from home today since I woke up yesterday with a bit of a cold. Man as soon as the cold weather starts to move in, I almost always end up with a sore throat and stuffy nose.

It's feeling a bit better this morning, but it's nice to be able to work from my sofa and keep myself away from the germs on the Metro today.

Coming back from the furlough has been an interesting experience. I spent last Thursday and Friday in catch-up mode. Trying to figure out where I left over with certain projects and what needed to be done to get things up and running again.

I'm hopeful that this week I'll be able to get back to my normal work routine.

And speaking of a normal routine, I'm going to need to establish a new normal workout routine. By day five of the furlough, I'd gotten into a nice pattern of waking up around 9 and starting my workout by 10 a.m.

Obviously, that doesn't work so much now that I'm back in the office at 7 a.m.

Since I'm not training for anything, it's less imperative that I have some crazy rigid schedule. It's just more important that I start forming the routine now.

Normally, I'm a morning workout person. I prefer to knock out my workouts before I head into the office because then it's done for the day. But lately, I've been wanting to curl up in bed and not be bothered, so I've been experimenting with after-work workouts with some mixed results.

Some days after work, I can very easily have find the motivation to tackle my P90X workout or go for a run. But other days, I'm wiped out and just want to curl up on my sofa with a good book.

I'm going to keep experimenting the next few weeks and see if I can establish a pattern that works best for me.

Are you a morning workout person or an afternoon workout person?

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  1. I do better with morning workouts, but I do run after work with a friend and it's okay

  2. Yup I am definitely a morning person....but in the MId-west I do remember switching to hitting the gym right after work because I really dislike the cold :)

  3. I wish I was a morning person! My gym is a crazy busy nightmare after work but I just cannot get up at 5am to go work out...

  4. I generally am an afternoon workout person, usually after work. I may be switching that up to mornings though because I find I'm getting it done later and later and leaving almost no time to spend with my wife since we have to get to bed so early for a 4:30am wake-up!