Running, Recovery and Racing Update

by - Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Just wanted to give a quick update on where things stand in terms of running and recovering from my stress fracture. I came down with either a cold or allergies or something last week because of the weather changing. I tried to run through it on Monday and managed to do 25 consecutive minutes of running -- my longest run to date since the foot injury.


But the rest of last week was kind of miserable. I actually took a sick day Thursday and ended up sleeping until 3 p.m. It was glorious and I felt much better afterward, but I still can't quite seem to shake the congestion completely.

Add on a crazy busy weekend -- homecoming, friends in town, trying to DO ALL THE THINGS!!! -- and running just didn't happen.


Plus the serious lack of sleep did nothing to help the cold/allergies I'm dealing with.

I'm looking forward to getting back on track this week. I'm confident I can fit in a few short runs and get back to my original plan of three runs per week to build my endurance back up slowly without over doing it.

I'm even kicking around the idea of putting a short race on the calendar in December. I'm not totally sure about it yet, and I definitely want to get a few more runs under my belt first. But if things go well, I could see myself being ready for something between 5K and five miles in six weeks or so. Plus having something to train for would be good motivation to keep me on track!

How soon after an injury have you registered for a race?

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  1. I've done silly things like register for a race the first weekend I was cleared for running. Not really to race, but to get myself back into the feeling of being a runner

  2. Yea, my trigger finger has been antsy to sign up for something just so I can feel like a real runner again. I've been trying pretty hard to resist for the time being anyway.