My P90X Experiment

by - Monday, October 14, 2013

I mentioned in my last post that I have a plan for slowly getting some of my health and fitness back.

When I've fallen out of a fitness routine due to injury, I need a solid plan to get back on track or else it's too easy to get wishy washy about it and end up skipping a whole bunch of workouts.

I wanted something that didn't rely exclusively on running since my foot isn't quite ready for a running-focused training plan yet, and I also wanted something that incorporated some strength training so I will actually be able to lift up the lightest weights at CrossFit when I'm eventually able to go back.

Crossfit gm

And so, Coach Zach lent me his P90X DVDs.

I've done about four of the workouts and I have to say some of them I really enjoy and some of them I really hate. The strength workouts haven't been too bad. They're definitely challenging, but I enjoy them.

Last night though, I did the yoga portion and wanted to scream. The DVD was 90 minutes (most of the others are 60 minutes), but it was so, so repetitive and awful that I ended up fast-forwarding through a bunch and only did about an hour. For yoga days from now one I'm probably going to do one of my other yoga workouts that is actually enjoyable.

I'm also going to be trying to mix in some running and the occasional session with Sarah and her personal trainer. On the days I do the personal trainer workout, I obviously won't be doing P90X.

But I love that P90X has a very clear program to follow. It simply says do this workout on this day, and then I do it. And most of the workouts don't cause my foot any pain because it's not high impact stuff.

So I'm hoping if nothing else this little P90X experiment will help me get some of my base fitness back.

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  1. fun! Nate and I did some of the P90x (but didn't follow program religiously) and I echo your sentiments exactly... the yoga stunk! I definitely prefer my favorite - the Bob Harper Warrior Yoga :)

  2. I like the sound of it having a structured program to follow (which I enjoy-not having to overthink) but I've always felt like P90X was out of my league, fitness-wise. Good luck with it!

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