Running Across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

by - Friday, October 18, 2013

Many years ago, my friend's stepdad was telling me about this awesome 10K that used to exist where you started on one side of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and then raced across the bridge to the other side.

I thought that race sounded so cool, and I was so bummed that it didn't exist anymore. I love races that let you run in cool places that aren't normally accessible. And the Bay Bridge definitely qualifies as one of those places.

Getting ready for my first open water swim
On the shore near the bridge

So I'm sure you can imagine just how excited I was when it was announced that in 2014 the Bay Bridge race is coming back.


Because I was so excited about this race, I signed up to be a race ambassador, which basically means I'll be blogging about my training and racing when the time comes.

But it also means that you can register now through a special code I have before registration opens to the general public.

Race course

Pre-registration events for the race filled quickly and I know lots of ambassadors are promoting the race, so I wanted to give you all chance to get in on the action early.

  • In order to register early, you simply go to the main registration page.

  • You'll then be asked to enter a password. The password is BRIDGEREP.

  • Then you fill out the basic registration information as you normally would.

  • The last thing you'll need to do is enter my ambassador code at checkout. It goes in the discount code field. My code is: ABBJESSICAM

Easy Peasy.

I think this race sounds like so much fun and I'm so excited to run it, especially now that my foot is healing and I can look forward to races again.

Because the bridge is only so wide, the race has a pretty tight cap on the number of runners that will be allowed to register. So if you're interested, sign up soon so you don't risk losing your spot!

And if you decide to sign up, leave a comment and let me know! If we get enough people, it'd be fun to organize some sort of blogger meet up!

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  1. Kandi4:43 AM

    I ran this race back in 2006 and loved it! It was my very first 10k. The race ran the reverse of what is shown in your map though - a shuttle took us across the bridge and it ended in Sandy Point Park.

  2. [...] in pre-registering (this event is guaranteed to sell out), visit one of my favorite local bloggers, Jess Runs (she’s a UMD j-school alumna too!) for a special password. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike [...]

  3. unique events that this are always fun. enjoy!

  4. I tried to enter the password and it is not working. It is still the same password? Has the race sold out?

    Thank you,

  5. Sarah4:41 PM

    What an awesome write up! I can almost feel the energy of the event already!

  6. Hi Kate

    I just tried today to see if I was able to go through the whole process and I was without a problem. Did you put the password in in all caps?

  7. Rebecca3:53 AM

    Thank you for your code!!!