Bruised a Rib While Coughing This Week

by - Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sometime last week, I came down with some form of the plague.


I started feeling questionable on Monday and skipped spin class that night, but by Wednesday didn't think it was anything more than an annoying cold so went to spin class.

Imagine my surprise on Thursday when I woke up with terrible congestion and such a bad cough that I actually think I bruised a rib from hacking so much.

(No joke, my ribs on my right side are tender to the touch and movement in certain directions is not enjoyable. Either that or I tweaked an ab muscle or something. Who knew you could do so much damage just from coughing?)

I bought $30 worth of cold meds on the way home from work Thursday (had mandatory training or else would have taken the day off) and ordered a massive tub of hot and sour soup to try to unclog my sinuses.

This is what $30 of cold remedies looks like. I am now probably on some DEA watch list.
This is all $30 gets you

It didn't work.

Also this was the fortune in my fortune cookie that came with the hot and sour soup.

Someone call my boss. According to my fortune cookie, it's time for a promotion.
Someone call my boss...

So I spent Friday and Saturday feeling like a miserable waste of space. Thank gosh for Netflix. I crushed many episodes of Gilmore Girls yesterday.

Sick kid selfie

I'm finally, finallllly starting to feel a little bit better today. I ventured out of the house for the first time to go to the grocery store and managed to get some homework done while watching the playoffs.

I'm surprised how many times I've been sick already this winter. Usually I get the occasional minor cold, but this year I've had two nasty viruses that have knocked me out for about a week each. Brutal.

I'm really hoping this is my last one for the season. Who has time for this crap?


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  1. Dan W.5:43 PM

    Pulled a back muscle coughing last year! No fun at all, at least the Terps won!

  2. Yes! I was so glad to have the Terps to watch Saturday afternoon! Watching a winning team is fun!

  3. feel better jess! i have a friend that got a hernia from coughing / sneezing too much (i forget what she had, maybe an upper resp infection or something, but she had something "official" lol). rest up!