The Puking Has Passed

by - Wednesday, January 28, 2015

So I've fallen into a fairly suck-tastic pattern this winter. It goes a little like this:

Be healthy for a few days.
Get wickedly sick for a week.
Rinse, repeat.

Yes friends, I have written more "I'm sick" posts this winter than I can ever remember writing.

Normally, I get one nasty sickness each winter, and then I'm done with it. But this year, I guess my immune system has decided to vacation in the tropics or something and has left me to fend for myself in DC.

The latest ailment to plague me? The dreaded stomach virus.

It hit Monday morning at 3 a.m. and left me curled up on the bathroom floor for close to two hours puking my brains out. At one point, I highly considered dragging pillows and a blanket in there with me so that I could attempt to catch a few Zzz's in between puke-isodes.

Nothing says winning at life quite like sleeping on your bathroom floor.

Eventually my stomach stopped turning itself inside out, and I managed to sleep a few hours before the next wave hit me. Let me tell you friends, Monday was not a fun day. I was so sick, I couldn't even enjoy watching Netflix.

Tuesday was marginally better. The puke had passed but I still couldn't eat. And that brings us to today.

I woke up hungry this morning and was pretty excited to eat real food. Turns out my stomach wasn't on board with that plan. Breakfast made me feel crappy all day long. (I had a bowl of cereal, nothing too crazy).

I had been hoping to get to run group tonight because I'm going to miss the next few weeks because I have other commitments, but I bagged it when I still didn't feel awesome this evening.

At least all the down time this evening let me catch up a little bit on MBA stuff because let me tell you this semester is slaying me. We're two weeks in, and I've already been reduced to tears once.

Good times, good times.

Tomorrow will be my first day in the office all week (thank you very liberal telework policy at my office) and I'm legitimately planning to bring a box of Saltines with me because I can't imagine I'll be up for much more than that. I'm sure that will get some looks.

Anyway, if this sickness stuff could take a hike, I'd sure appreciate it. Also, I am over winter. Is it spring and softball season yet?

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  1. Laura4:56 PM

    Ahh hope you feel better soon! Thought we were passed it here but Cameron yacked at daycare today :(

  2. I'm sorry, but all of the being sick posts are pretty hilarious.

  3. I hope you mean funny in the sense that I'm just such a witty writer about being sick haha.

  4. It's never been more fun reading about puking.

  5. Michael3:22 PM

    You'll be missing run club for the next few weeks?! If you need a running break sometime let me know! Just don't come near me...