Feeling Better and Family Fun

by - Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I think I'm slowly starting to recover from the plague. That codeine medicine was the shit, but man did it give me some trippy dreams --mainly about softball. Every night for the last five nights. Totally normal right?

Anyway, I started to feel a little bit better this weekend and let myself venture out and do some fun things -- like watch the Terps blow out Michigan State at home on Saturday.

Getting ready for the MSU rematch! goterps beatSparty
Pre-game fun with the guys (Jimmy, Paul, Jon)

Hollla 17-2 (5-1) -- good enough for 8 in the coaches poll (and 13 in the AP poll, come on sports writers, get with it.)

Here we go!

And then yesterday, my dad came into town. He's spending a few days at my cousin Amy's house, lending her his baby whisperer powers.

Dad meeting baby Heather, his great-niece.
Dad and Heather

Amy invited us all over for dinner and we had quite the crowd. It was me and my dad, my Aunt Marybeth, Laura, Nate and the twins, Kenny and Nikki and Amy, Rick, Abby, Johnny and Heather.

In total, 14 of us, plus Colt -- Amy and Rick's new Great Dane.

I don't have a picture of all of us, that would have been too hard to coordinate, but here's a picture of Colt, who thinks he's a lap dog.

Also the sun was blinding him

Heather just chilling

In fact, I didn't really take a ton of pictures because I was too busy wrestling the little ones. Man playing with little kids is quite the workout.

I did however teach Abby the fine art of the selfie.

And today I taught Abby the art of the selfie my work here is done.
Abby's first selfie

She was having fun playing with my phone and when she realized she could take pictures of herself, she took about 50. It was funny.

And now that I'm finally starting to feel better and can breath without hacking up a lung, I'm hoping to start working out again. You know those things that make you sweat a bunch and get your heart rate up, something I definitely haven't done in like two weeks.

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