Cough Medicine + Codeine = Sweet Miracle Elixir

by - Thursday, January 15, 2015

I'm still sick so I finally dragged myself to the doctor today.

But not before I puked at my office this morning! Happy Thursday to me!

I went into the office because I thought I was feeling better. I had a tiny bit of head congestion and my still nasty cough, but otherwise felt OK. But turns out my head congestion + the metro led to some major dizziness, which led to a barf episode in the bathroom at work and me Ubering my butt back home and straight to the doctor.

Needles to say, my doc was a little concerned I've been sick for basically two straight weeks, and was even more worried when she found out I had been doing better but then got sick again. Secondary infections and all.

So she gave me some cough medicine with codeine, which is like some sort of sweet miracle elixir, because I took it this morning and am now feeling groggy and loopy, but have only coughed once in like the last two hours. Alleluia. My lungs are singing the praises of angels. (That's the codeine talking).

I'm also on an antibiotic to ward off said secondary infection.

Rock on!

I am a hot mess, haven't worked out in over a week and feel lazy and gross and super exhausted. I'm very sick of being sick. Here's hoping my miracle drugs will do their job and I can get back to my normal self soon.

To end on a positive note: The Terps beat Rutgers last night to move to 16-2 (3-1) on the season. I'm beyond excited that the team is doing so well!

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  1. Laura9:15 AM

    haha this is hilarious (not you being sick but your commentary of it!) - hope you feel better soon!! :)

  2. Yea this post is pretty cracked out haha. I should probably stop answering work coworkers are going to think something is wrong with me :)

  3. lol, codeine is the hard stuff! Wow, yea all you really do after that is curl up in a ball and drift in and out of consciousness, trying not to drool. Good luck, I hope it works quickly!

  4. Michael7:48 AM

    Drink a hot toddy and come back to run club!

  5. I was hoping to be back yesterday, but no luck! I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be back Wed!