Aches and Pains

by - Monday, January 18, 2016

Usually I'm pretty good about remembering to replace my running shoes in a timely fashion. This time around though, I think I've failed pretty epically at that.

First run of 2016 in the books!

A few weeks ago, my hip started nagging me. It wasn't actually during a run that it started hurting. I noticed it at work one day and thought maybe it was related to a new pair of work shoes I'd been wearing.

Also, sometimes I sit at my desk with my leg weirdly tucked under me. Definitely not something the ergonomics crowd would approve of.

Recently I've noticed it being more and more stiff in the mornings, no matter how much I try to stretch it out, and yesterday on my run, I noticed all sorts of aches and pains in my legs.

And that's when I realized the last time I'd replaced my running shoes was in July. Yeaaa...that was like 6 months ago. Granted, my running hadn't been at usual levels this fall because of grad. school, but I did train for and run a half marathon, and have been running some three to five milers a couple times each week, so that will definitely add mileage to my shoes.

So I cut yesterday's run short, came home and bought myself a new pair of shoes. Since my hip and knees were still a little cranky this morning, I'm going to stick with just yoga for the next couple of days to let this calm down.

Doing yoga with sinus congestion isn't the most enjoyable thing ever. So this morning's class was definitely a struggle. But managed to do crow without falling on my face, so that was a small win.

I also had some car aches and pains on Friday. I went to run an errand, and when I got to my car it just wouldn't start. Turns out my battery had died, which was fairly annoying since my car is only 1.5 years old. Apparently that's a thing that can happen though if you don't drive your car a lot. Luckily AAA was able to come and fix it pretty quickly.

Then yesterday my garbage disposal had some aches and pains when it stopped working and then basically leaked all over the place making a giant mess. Goooood times. Maintenance replaced it first thing this morning, but man that was not fun to clean up.

So now, I would like everything to just go back to working like it's supposed to, especially my hips and knees since I have some races coming up.

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  1. Dan Wolfe1:48 PM

    Are you still using the Milestone Pod?

  2. Fred and Tina5:38 PM

    Hope the new shoes and some rest do the trick! Good Luck! :)

  3. I am, but I've been having trouble getting it to sync with my phone. Not sure if the issue is my phone or the Milestone Pod, but it hasn't accurately tracked a run since Thanksgiving. (Super annoying).