Digging Out

by - Monday, January 25, 2016

Well that big ol' snowstorm did in fact rock the DC area this weekend. We got anywhere from 20-30 inches depending where exactly you were. And that basically means I was trapped in my apartment from Friday afternoon to Sunday.


Cabin fever is a real thing.

By Saturday afternoon, I was super antsy but there was a full on blizzard raging outside, so I mainly did a ton of homework and read. It wasn't so bad, but I did miss human interaction.

Built a snowman on my balcony. I will admit he looks a little creepy, but the snow wasn't the best for snowman building. #blizzard

But I built this snowman on my balcony to keep my company.

By Sunday, I was ready to go out of my mind. Since the snowing had stopped, I ventured outside to see if I could walk around the block. LOL at that thought. The like 10 foot piles of snow from the plows made it impossible to walk more than about 10 shoveled feet in front of my building.

Attempted to take a walk around the block this morning....didn't get very far. #blizzard2016

So Sunday, I read some more, did my taxes, and squeezed in a treadmill run at the fitness center. I don't think I've ever been so glad to have access to a treadmill in my life. I did an interval workout to keep myself from treadmill boredom. It was also nice to see other humans.

Snow day tea and reading. #bookstagram #blizzard2016

Work was closed today, but I still had to work from home, and it was actually nice to have something really productive to focus on. I also had a conference call in the morning and a video call in the afternoon, and I was again super excited to hear human voices and see familiar faces. (Is the fact that I'm a huge extrovert coming across really strongly in this post?)

I also squeezed in another treadmill interval workout since yoga was canceled tonight since the instructor couldn't make it. Got to break in a fresh new pair of kicks. (This shoes will be seeing only the treadmill for a while I suspect, since the sidewalks aren't exactly run-able at the moment).

Fresh new kicks...only to be worn on the treadmill until this snow crap goes away. #blizzard2016

DC still has a lot of digging out to do, and I'm not sure we'll be heading into the office tomorrow either, but at least I've been able to get out of the house a little bit and squeeze in a couple of workouts the last couple days. I'm pretty sure that's the only thing helping with the cabin fever.

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  1. Dan Wolfe4:09 PM

    I'm still snowed in here in Baltimore. 32 inches!

  2. Fred and Tina6:01 AM

    Yes cabin fever is a real thing! Especially for extroverts who get energy when around other people! BTW, very impressive productivity for an extrovert who was essentially snowbound in her apartment! You know what else is a real thing? Empty nest syndrome LOL. :) Have a great week! :)

  3. Yep, I got snowed in pretty good too! Kelley and the kids didn't leave the house for 4 days. insane.

  4. Everything is melting up here in NYC - is it the same in DC? It almost looks like the snow never happened!