Five Reasons 2016 Will be the Best Year Yet

by - Friday, January 01, 2016

I'm really excited for the start of the New Year -- more so than I normally am, and it's largely because 2016 has a lot of big things in store that I'm looking forward to.

It might have taken about two months but I finally got around to hanging this up.

1. I'm going to graduate from my MBA program this year! Whoop! In some ways time with this program has flown by, in other ways I have some major senioritis going on, and I'm ready to be done. As long as all goes well (aka I can get the last couple of classes I need when I need them), I will graduate in December 2016.

2. I'm taking my very first trip across the pond! In May, I'm going to Ireland with friends for a week. I am freakishly excited for this trip (and the ridiculously cheap plane tickets we got). It will be my first time out of North America (I've been to Mexico and Jamaica on a cruise, but to me that doesn't much count as international travel), and I'll be getting my very first passport stamp. Plus I have some pretty strong Irish roots on my mom's side of the family, so I'm really excited to see the land of my people.

3. I turn 30. Yes this is something I'm weirdly looking forward to. I know some people really dread turning 30, but I'm definitely like "bring it on."

4. I think my promotion at work will finalllllllly happen. I've been trying to get this promotion for well over a year now, and I think this is finally the year it's going to happen. I'm crossing my fingers and toes, but I'm feeling like 2016 is going to be the year for this.

5. I'm going to move! No one panic, I'm not moving far. Literally about five miles from where I currently live. And truthfully this hinges largely on that promotion I mentioned above. But assuming it goes through, when my current lease is up this summer, I'm hoping to move to a more fun neighborhood, closer to work and lots of my friends, and I will only have a minor panic attack about how much my rent will increase by doing so.

So yep, for all those reasons, I have very, very high hopes for what the New Year will bring. It's going to be a good one, I can just tell.

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  1. Warren11:30 AM

    Of the countries I've visited, Ireland is the most acticely friendly to Americans. They are especially proud of JFK having been president, so a Kennedy half dollar as a tip is well received - though it is not a small tip any more. Bring some with you for special occasions, and have a great trip.

  2. Fred and Tina6:48 PM

    We are sure that by the new year's end you will have accomplished all these things and a lot more. The trip to Ireland will be most excellent!
    "I'm going to move" that sounds strangely familiar, but five miles is PERFECT!! Last we checked that is way closer than Tokyo or even Chicago. LOL Glad you are sticking around!! :)

  3. Sweet! You are setting yourself up for success. outstanding year ahead!