Finding the Quiet

by - Wednesday, January 20, 2016

If you're not from the DC-area or haven't heard, DC is expected to get crushed by a potentially historic snowstorm this weekend. It's been all over the news, grocery store aisles are cleaned out, the city is reaching it's typical "SNOW-MG" fervor.

The snow is pretty this morning, but man, I am so over it.

And yet tonight in yoga class, my instructor focused on the quiet calm that snow brings when it starts falling. You know that time when everything seems to slow down just a little bit and there's that quiet hush?

She challenged us tonight to find that quiet in our daily routines.

You know when you do a workout, any sort of workout, and you finish and you know it's exactly what you needed? That's what tonight's yoga class was for me.

Anxiety always runs a bit higher at the start of a new semester. Really looking forward to #yoga class tonight. #mbalife #yogalove

The last few weeks since I've been back at work and classes have started up, I've lost all ability to be able to "find the quiet."

Between a major new project at work, a couple of very tight deadlines, prepping for a handful of speaking engagements and diving into what is going to be a ridiculously time-consuming semester, my inner peace has gone into hibernation.

I've been stressed, I've been anxious and even in my yoga class on Monday, I wasn't really able to block out my increasingly growing to-do list.

It was in that frame of mind that I walked into class tonight. And as soon as the instructor started talking about finding the quiet, something immediately clicked for me. For that one hour, I was able to turn my brain off, block out the to-do list items and just try to find that quiet.

I walked out of class when it was over feeling more centered than I have in weeks. Sure I might not be able to hold on to that feeling for too long (I do have a pile of homework waiting for me tonight), but just for that one hour, I got a little bit of a break from the crazy, and it was exactly what I needed.

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  1. Fred and Tina5:29 PM

    Ok, well you know that us oldish parental types can't help but give out unsolicited advice. Well, here is our stress reduction plan: "Don't focus on results. Focus on your effort." You know very well from past experience that your efforts are met with excellent results! So why worry when you have a 99% do well ratio! Of course this plan does not actually reduce your to-do list. :) Glad that yoga gave you some quiet time :)

  2. That's actually really good advice. I'm might try working on that! :)