RW Run Streak Week 1

by - Monday, June 01, 2020

I successfully made it through my first week of the Runner's World Run Streak!

I'm happy to report that so far I haven't injured myself and I'm doing a good job sticking to the rules I put in place to prevent that.


Here's what my week looked like:

Monday - 5 miles because I procrastinated my weekend long run. Somehow maintained a 9:28 per mile average during the run.

Tuesday - 3 miles. I tried to force myself to go slow. This run clocked in at exactly 30 minutes. That's a slower average than the day before, but probably still too fast for an easy recovery run.

Wednesday - 1 mile. Running one mile was equally incredibly weird, but also incredibly awesome. It was over in 10 minutes. I also did a strength workout later in the day.

Thursday - 3 miles. I did this run at lunch. It was so humid I had to jump in a freezing cold shower to get myself to stop sweating before my 1 p.m. video call.

Friday - 1 mile. The strength workout I did later in the day was a 60-minute suckfest.

Saturday - 3 miles. The humidity finally broke a bit so this run was actually fairly pleasant.

Sunday - 5 miles. My legs were feeling the 7 consecutive days of running. They felt super heavy when I started this run. So I gave myself permission to do anywhere from 1-5 miles. I think knowing that mentally I could bail at any point in this run actually made it easier for me to do the full five miles, though I had to throw in many walk breaks, especially on the hills.

Total miles for the week: 21

Definitely the highest mileage week I've had in quite some time, and that makes me happy.

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