RW Run Streak Week 3

by - Thursday, June 18, 2020

Week 3 officially marked the half way point of the RW Run Streak. It was also the first time since quarantine started that we'd started making some tentative plans to take a short road trip out of town so we could get a small change of scenery.

Knowing that we might be out of town over the weekend, I tried to front load the week with three milers so that I wouldn't feel too guilty if I ended up doing just a bunch of one mile runs while we were on our mini vacation to celebrate our anniversary.


I also intentionally tried to do some of my runs at a slower pace this week since I can tell the lack of rest days was making my legs feel super heavy. I had mixed results there.

Monday -- 3.1 miles. Nothing too special here just a solid 5K to start the week.

Tuesday -- 3.1 miles. Humidity started creeping back in and my legs felt tired.

Wednesday -- 3.1 miles. I intentionally tried to run this between a 10:30 and 11 minute mile pace. I did OK with that for the first mile, but miles 2 and 3 were closer to 10:15 each. Also squeeze in a short upper body strength session.

Thursday -- 1 mile. I needed a break from three mile runs and it was a thunderstorm-y day, so I squeezed in this quick 1 miler between downpours.

Friday -- 1 mile. This was the first run during the entire run streak where I just had zero motivation. I'm honestly impressed it took me this long to just straight up not want to run. When my alarm went off the thought of running filled me with dread, but I dragged myself out the door and plodded through a mile because I wasn't going to blow up the run streak over one bad day.

Saturday -- 10K. We were blessed with some amazing running weather on Saturday morning, and I was actually excited to go out and run. I did this run really, really slowly and finally felt like I actually truly embraced the concept of a long slow distance run. ("Long" is a bit of a stretch here since my distances are still kind of short). But I felt really good after this run.

Sunday -- 1 mile. This was supposed to be a recovery run, but I was running on a road that was pretty heavily wooded and about half way through I heard something crunching through the brush and it freaked me out, so I picked up the pace to get out of there. (I know that's literally the opposite thing you are supposed to do if there's a bear near you, but I didn't really think it was a bear and I didn't want to stick around to find out. I never really used to be afraid of wildlife on runs, but then a couple years ago went on a really unfortunate hike that has clearly left my traumatized).

Total: 18 miles.

As I've been doing my run streak, I have been getting a bit more lax with my strength training. So I'm going to try to make sure I find time for that. I've built a pretty solid strength base during quarantine and I don't want to lose my momentum there.

Three weeks of run streaking down, three to go!

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