RW Run Streak Week 2

by - Tuesday, June 09, 2020

I've got another week of run streaking under my belt, and still no injuries to report!

One thing I am noticing and really appreciating from running every day is that it forces you to find a routine fast. Right now my schedule is pretty flexible. I'm working from home every day, most things where I live are still closed and I have zero social obligations.

You'd think all that flexibility would make it easier to fit in runs. But for me it's the opposite.


The lack of schedule makes it easier for me to keep pushing a run off until all of a sudden I've procrastinated all day or suddenly it's far too hot or I've been able to come up with many other excuses to just not get it done.

So the run streak is sort of acting in the same way that a race on the horizon does. It's giving me an actual running goal and making it easier for me to prioritize my runs and commit to a schedule that works.

For now, I'm mostly running in the mornings to avoid the heat and I'm still following the majority of "run streak rules" I set for myself in terms of distances and maintaining cross-training.

Monday -- 1 mile. Kicked off the week with a recovery run after Sunday's long run.

Tuesday -- 1 mile. I had planned to do three miles on Tuesday, but with everything that's going on in the world I just didn't sleep Monday night. Lots of stress and anxiety and sadness. I barely had the energy to plod through this mile.

Wednesday -- 3 miles. It was humid as heck.

Thursday -- 1 mile. Again, had planned to do more but ended up stuck in work meetings that went longer than expected. Just got the 1 mile done so I could check the box.

Friday -- 3 miles. Another super humid run.

Saturday -- 5 miles. I had been hoping to do 6, but it was one of the first days I've run in really strong sun and really high humidity, and by the time I got to mile 3.85 I knew I needed to cut this one short. Even though I carried water with me and tried to stick to the shady side of the street, it wasn't enough to keep me from overheating.

Sunday -- 1 mile. Trying to stick to one mile as my post-long run recovery.

Total for the week: 15 miles

Week two of the run streak definitely had me embracing the 1 mile run a bit more often than I'd typically care to, but I was still glad that I was able to get out and get something done.

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  1. 1 mile run is enough as a beginner? what do you suggest?