RW Run Streak Week 4

by - Monday, June 22, 2020

Friends, the fourth week of the run streak was rough -- both mentally and physically.

It was tough mentally because I was really run down and tired all week. So finding motivation to get out the door was hard.

But it was also tough physically because last week my husband and I seemed determined to continually drop heavy pieces of furniture on my left foot.

Enjoy this serene view from our lake front AirBnB before I tell you about our series of mishaps.

It started on Monday when we were hanging some shelves in one of our closets. We had to move a heavy bathroom mirror left over from the previous owners. I tried to readjust my grip on it and it slipped right out of my hands, landed on my big toe and then shattered all over the floor.

Luckily, I just ended up with some serious bruising. I'm fairly confident my toe isn't broken, and I didn't actually cut myself on any of the broken glass.

Fast forward to Friday, when we were unloading the dishwasher. We knocked a wine glass from our cabinet, it shattered all over the counter, and when my husband was trying to grab a bag to collect the glass shards, he knocked a cabinet door off its hinges and it landed smack on top of my foot. My foot swelled and turned a nice purple color.

It was a comedy of errors of glass breaking and my foot taking a beating.

Despite all that, I still managed to run every day. I just had to do a lot of 1 mile runs because of my poor foot.

Monday -- 1.32 miles. We were still out of town so I kept this one short and sweet before we checked out of our AirBnb to head home.

Tuesday -- 3.1 miles. Despite dropping the mirror on my toe the night before, this run actually felt kind of OK. I was ready to stop at 1 mile if my toe bothered me too much, but it was surprisingly fine.

Wednesday -- 1 mile. Felt really run down all day, but at least got something in.

Thursday -- 2 miles. Was still feeling run down when I started this run and had only planned to do one mile, but the endorphins must have kicked in early because I decided to throw in an extra mile before heading home to present on a webinar for work.

Friday -- 3.1 miles. Felt like I was forcibly dragging myself out of bed to do this run, and then had some serious stomach cramping going on the whole time. Not my best run.

Saturday -- 1 mile. My foot was still pretty swollen and bruised Saturday morning after the cabinet door fell on it, so lacing up my running shoe was not the most comfortable. I tried to tie it a bit looser, so it wouldn't put so much pressure on the bruise, but I actually think that made the problem worse since the shoe slid around more. I was very glad when this run was done and I could curl up on the sofa with an ice pack on my foot.

Sunday -- 3 miles. No long run this week with all the things being dropped on my foot, but was excited to be able to go longer than 1 mile without much discomfort.

Total: 14 miles.

Far from my best week of running, but at least I managed to keep the run streak alive. Four weeks down. Two to go!

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