It's almost the weekend....parttttay!

by - Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sports Update:
So much has been going on in the wonderful world of sports as of late. Monday night was the Home Rerun Derby, which saw defending champion Ryan Howard knocked out in the first round. Tuesday night was the All-Star Game, which sadly was won by the American League (...again), although Chase Utley had quite the nice double play in the beginning of the game. My Phils represented pretty well. (Except when Aaron Rowand couldn't get it done in the clutch. ) Eh, well, it was an exhibition game, and good fun.

Last night the U.S. U-20 soccer team won their game against Uruguay. Sadly it wasn't on TV here and I couldn't see two former Terp starts play. In the game before last nights, goalie Chris Seitz was a beast. He's had something like 22 saves in the last three games (not counting last night...I don't know the stats from that yet.) And mid-fielder Robbie Rogers, who left MD after one season to play soccer in Europe, had a game too.

And in other great Terp soccer news, two of our current players, Omar Gonzalez and Jeremey Hall, (both rising sophomores) were chosen to play on the U-2o team in the Pan-American games.

Training Update:
This week has been funky. I ran Monday. Cross-trained with kickboxing and abs class on Tuesday. And Wed. I took a rest day. I was exhausted in the morning when I woke up and just had no energy to put in the speed workout that the training plan called for. So instead, I slept in, went to work, came home and ended up spending the night baking cookies and eating pretzels covered in chocolate icing with my friends. (Bad self, not good food for training).

Thursdays are usually short run days in the training plan with Fridays as cross-training and Saturdays as long runs, but because of softball I had been tweaking the plan and doing the long runs on Fridays. Now that softball's over, logically I would move the long runs back to Saturdays, but I've really liked having them on Fridays and I think I might keep them there. To avoid running three days in a row (Wed, Thurs, Fri) I'm considering switching Thursdays to cross-training days.

That would leave my new schedule looking like this:
Monday: Run
Tuesday: Xtrain
Wed: Run
Thursday: Xtrain
Friday: Long run
Saturday: Short run or longer Xtrain session depending on how the legs feel after Friday.
Sunday: REST! YAY!

Does anyone have any thoughts or input? I think that will be enough running to get me through the half-marathon, even if I end up cross-training on most Saturdays instead of running.

So that leaves my plans for today to take kickboxing again tonight and then try a new class we're offering this summer that I've never taking before. It's called the Amazing Ball Class and basically it's an hour class built around using stability balls and medicine balls. I think it's mostly a strength training class, which is always good because we all know I don't do that enough. So those are my thoughts on that.

General Blog Update:
I'm going to attempt to find time this weekend to put in some serious time updating things on the blog. There are a lot of blogs that I read that aren't in my list of blogs on the side column and a lot of the links that are still there are out dated. So hopefully, come Monday things will be spruced up a little bit and more up to date. No promises though.

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  1. Nice training schedule!

  2. You have a routine I think we can all admire.

  3. hope things are going well :).

    it's kim, and i know i had a blog before, but it ended up getting messed up and i had to delete it! anyway, i've started a new one, so if you want (hopefully you will..) here's the new blog :)

    and your training sounds like it's going great

  4. Really enjoying reading your blog. Always great reading what other runners are learning and trying. Good luck getting ready for your marathon. Keep up the good running and posting.


    Since you're updating your blogs you read, consider