Nasty Humidity

by - Thursday, July 05, 2007

Time: 31:22
Distance: 3.0

The humidity was nasty today. As soon as I started running I got a side-stitch because even though I was breathing normal, the air was so thick. Just walking out the front door to be outside was uncomfortable. They are calling for thunderstorms tonight though, which makes sense with the humidity being so high.

In part because of the humidity and in part because my legs were tired from yesterday, today's run was a struggle. I never felt bad persay. It's just that I was feeling myself fatigue earlier than usual, which is to be expected that day after an eight mile run.

I also felt like I was running extremely slowly. But looking at the time and mapping the course out on Gmaps showed that I really wasn't. It just must have been a mental thing with a combintation of the weather and my legs being tired.

Yesterday's 4th of July festivities were fun. We got to the Capitol around 4 to camp out until they let us through security at 5 p.m. Well, around 10 of five they made an announcement saying they were going to delay letting us in because of a nasty storm cell moving through the area. (Apparently there were tornado warnings for yesterday.) Needless to say, they ended up evacuating the entire area, so we went to grab dinner and hide out from the downpour.

Afterwards we headed back to the Capitol but had lost our amazing place in the line. We were wayyyyyy at the end. Lucky for us one of our friends' neighbors is a sergeant with the Capitol Police. Also lucky for us he happened to be working on our side and my friend spotted him. He pulled us out of line and put us throught he VIP area. We didn't even have to go through security. We got right in, set up our blankets and enjoyed the concert and the fireworks.

All in all it was a really great time. Getting back on the Metro was a bit of a mess and took way longer than it should have, but I guess that's to be expected when everyone and their mom flocks to the city to see the fireworks.

It was definitely good times. Hope everyone else enjoyed their holidays!

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