Just call me a slacker....

by - Monday, July 16, 2007

Really interesting blog post: The Rules to Become a Runner, courtesy of Tom.

Time: 40 min
Distance: 3.56 miles

So remember how I had such lofty goals to update the blog this weekend. Welllllll, it's Monday and as you can see, that didn't happen so much. I swear I had good reason though. First and foremost, it was gorgeous all weekend and I didn't really want to be cooped up inside at a computer when I could be outside enjoying the gorgeous weather.

I promise the updates will come shortly. Chances are I read your blog and just don't have you on my list yet. You'll be there soon though!

As for my weekend: Thursday I ended up not kickboxing or trying the new class because my friend's friend was in town visiting and we ended up hanging out and then I took my other friend swim suit shopping because she said she was in need of a new one. I love her to death, but she is pickyyyyy. But truthfully she knew what she wanted and when we finnnnallly found one, it look great and she was happy.

Friday, my lazy streak continued as the long run didn't happen. I sort of made up for it by taking one of those pole dancing aerobics classes at night. (Okay who am I kidding that in no way makes up for a skipped long run, but at least I got some form of a workout in.)

Saturday rocked for so many reasons. First my roommate and I went hiking at Great Falls National Park in Virginia. It was gorgeous and so fun to hike the trail by the water falls. There were parts where the trail was smooth and parts where we had to climb over rocks (SO FUN!). All in all the loop we did was a little over two miles. But it was great being outside and hanging out with my roomie.

Saturday night we went to go see the Harry Potter movie. The whole HP craze started when I was in 6th grade. I got hooked then and I have been ever since. The movie was good. Can't wait for the book this weekend.

Sunday, my roommate from Ohio finally moved back in. We celebrated with ice cream. Delicious!

And after my weekend of being kind of lazy and not sticking to the training plan at all really, I am back on track today. It's back to sticking with the plan for the final few weeks of training because I actually want to be able to finish the race. And it's time to nix the ice cream and goodies for a while so that I can be back on healthy training food. Hummus and pita and yogurt for lunch....yummmm.

Got a shin splint today about 15 minutes in to my 40 minute training run. I pushed through and was able to finish though and iced down for a little bit after showering. My legs still feel sore now, so I'll ice down after soccer practice tonight.

Yes you read that correctly. Soccer practice. My roommate signed me up to play with her on her work team and practice starts today. I played back when I was in sixth grade and then played for on semester on an intramural team at school, so yea this should be interesting to say the least. Hey, I've got the socks and the cleats. At least I'll look the part!

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