Eight sweaty miles

by - Saturday, May 24, 2008

I am really happy with today's run. I logged 8 miles in 1:28:35. That's no lightening pace or anything, but it's the first time I've run in warmer temps with the sun beating down on me and basically no shade for the entire run.

My times usually start to get a lot slower when it's hotter out, but today I was really happy to see that I kept a pretty nice pace on my long run.

It started out really well. My legs felt rested and ready to go. My knee wasn't bothering me at all and I just felt like I was flying. My right hip started to act up a little around mile one, but that passed sometime before I hit mile two.

At the beginning of mile three things started to get a little tough because my route is pretty hilly and my legs were getting a little tired, but I was able to push through to the next down hill knowing I would get a little bit of a recovery there.

Around mile four I stopped to walk and slurp down my GU. I'd say it took me about five minutes to get the thing open, gulp it and then chase it with some water. But I picked up running again and in the end it didn't hurt my time too much.

The back four miles were a mental marathon though. It was so hot. The shade was gone by this point. And there were hills. Lots and lots of uphills with very small downhills in between. I did a lot of talking to myself in those last four miles, but I never stopped to walk.

The only negative is that my left knee really started bothering me in the last mile or so. I'm icing it down now though so hopefully that will help.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

8 miles, 1:28:35

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  1. Nice job on the run! Way to hang in there.

  2. Way to tough it out on the run. Eight miles is one of my favorite training distances. :)

  3. Nice foto of the soccer field and take care of the nee.
    Groet Rinus.

  4. It is so hard to run in the heat! I slow down a ton when the sun is beating down! Way to get through it!!

  5. Looks good to me :-) I hear you with the heat. It's not something I'm really use too, so when it comes I want to die when I run LOL

  6. Strong run.. Hope the icing helped your knee.

  7. Hope you had a great weekend :-)

  8. Very nice job on the run!! I hope that your knee feels better today.

  9. Very nice job on the run!! I hope that your knee feels better today.

  10. Great job on the 8!