Four Miles

by - Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ok it wasn't really four miles, it was my 3.87 mile loop again. But four miles just makes a better title.

That's what I did yesterday after I got home from work. A nice 3.87 miles with lots of hills. I managed to slow myself down a little bit and this time finished the first mile in 10:30.

My legs were feeling pretty good most of the time I was running, only getting a little sore and tired right at the end, nothing a good stretch couldn't take care of.

It was really super sunny outside yesterday, although it wasn't too hot. I'm still not a huge fan of running in super strong sun, but I didn't have too much of a choice yesterday if I wanted to fit my run in because around 7 I was meeting people for work for drinks to celebrate Cinco De Mayo.

I didn't actually have any drinks, but it was fun to hang out with people from work. Afterward, it was off to a friend's place to watch the Hills and then have long life talks until 1 a.m., which was unfortunate for me because I had to be into work super early this morning.

So needless to say, no gym to lift before work today and probably just going to end up crashing when I get home tonight. Ehhh, it happens.

3.87 miles, 40:12

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  1. Anonymous5:31 PM

    I always round up my distances in my run log (4.8=5, etc.).

    My mom does it too, as she keeps calling my 5Ks "marathons." I don't think she understands numbers.

  2. I am so OCD about my numbers I have to run even numbers. LOL

  3. LMAO at Kaeti!

    I'm with Lisa but in a different way. The number 9 drives me bonkers. As in 3.9 mi's HAS to be run to 4.

  4. Great run!
    Always good to have good life talks!
    Take Care

  5. Good run! I just leave the miles as they are and run the next one so that the two numbers make a whole.

  6. Eh? Close enough :-) I was up late last night to. I got five hours of sleep. Yuk!! No rest for the weary!!