Jess runs more intervals

by - Thursday, May 15, 2008

Last night I headed to the track again last night for some more interval work. It's the first time I'd run since last week when I did intervals because I was super busy over the weekend.

My plan was from my friend Josh, the runner without a blog, who recommended I try 8x400's on 2:00 with 1:30 rest in between. This was a pretty good plan. But I modified it a bit because after the first one I knew 2 minutes was going to be too fast.

So instead I did 1x400 in 2:05 and the other 9x800 in 2:10.

I got really bad shin splints though. I probably should have stopped after interval number five, but I convinced myself I could push through the last three.

Probably not smart. But I did my mile warm up and stretched and then still got the shin splints. I only did a half mile cool down because they were really bothering me by the end.

Overall, it wasn't a bad workout except for the shin splints. And I checked out that calculator many of you recommended. My recommended time was 2:16-2:19, but I was running at 2:10 pretty comfortably so I think I might stick with that for next week.

4.5 miles, between 45 mins and an hour

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  1. Well, there IS a method to the madness. The idea being that the intervals are hard enough to do you the most good, but not hard enough to hurt you or prevent you from completing your next workout.

    I think we are going to see some rockin improvements in your running, the way you are working out. Like, totally AWESSOME :-)

    Take care of those shins!!!

  2. "the runner without a blog" LOL I know the type

  3. Here's to shin splints! I hear you chica. I'm in the same boat. Damn shins!

  4. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Great job with interval training, keep up the good work. Ice up your shins!

  5. Great work-out. Should really build some speed rockin' those out.

    Can't help you on the shin splints. Havn't really had that problem. Allthe usual suspects checked? Shoes? Form (not too much lean forward)?

  6. shin splints?!?! drat!! that's no good!!

  7. Nice intervals!! I get shin splints when I do speed work too! Totally stinks!

  8. I had a bad case of splints a couple of weeks ago. The walking backwards thing really does work. Give it a try.

  9. Hi Jess

    That is the thing about intervals.. they are really hard on your body and they really hurt (I truly dread them), but IMHO they make more difference in how much you improve than just about anything else. The trick is to not do so many that you hurt yourself and also to try not to get so sore that you miss other workouts.

    Best of luck and make sure you are doing some slow recovery runs just to get the blood moving after really tearing it up.