Finally tried on the Under Armour running shoes

by - Monday, March 30, 2009

So I've been wanting to try on the new Under Armour running shoes for a while now just to see how they fit and if they're actually any good. 

Last weekend the BF needed to get new sneakers because he'd worn a hole in his old ones (and he wonders why he has shin splints) so we headed to the mall to check out a few stores there.

There happened to be an Under Armour so I suggested he go and check out their cross trainers. This gave me the perfect excuse to try on their running shoes while I waited. 

After scanning the stability shoes, I decided to try out the Revenant. I snapped a quick pic while the sales guy was in the back getting the BF new sizes and then laced up and took them on a quick jog around the store.

Overall they felt comfortable on the bottom. There seemed to be enough cushioning and they were pretty breathable, but they came up too high and rubbed on the lower part of my ankle bone. 

Clearly, I won't be swapping my Mizunos in because they fit like a dream, but I was happy to finally test drive the Under Armour shoes. BF ended up getting theses cross trainers. He said they were really comfortable and had good support. So I guess overall it was a successful trip.

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  1. My boyfriend bought under armour shoes and he loves them. I have gel-asics and LOVE them, wouldn't trade them for the world!!

  2. Your BF actually wore a hole in his old shoes?!?! Wow. I bet *HE* is glad to have those new cross trainers!

  3. Anonymous7:26 AM

    Too funny about snapping a picture while the guy was in the back!

  4. breaking into the running shoe market will be a tall order for Under Armour. More competition is a good thing...

  5. Good to know!! I want to try them on some time as well!