Little yoga, little lifting

by - Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tonight was my night to teach yoga and I decided to spice class up a bit with some more challenging balancing poses. I did a lot of balancing half moon (right picture) and warrior three (left picture), both of which require some serious balance. Then I threw in a little bit of dancer pose to polish off a great class. (below)

For some reason today my shoulders were super sore and even holding down dog for a little bit was quite the workout. 

I got some sad news this morning from my boss at the gym. The lady whose class I took over while she was on maternity leave will be returning to teach the first week in April. Major bummer. I really bonded with some of the people in that class. They were sad to hear the news. My boss would like to find another time to fit me in on the schedule, so I'm really hoping we can work something out. Teaching for a few weeks made me remember how much I love it.

Anyway, after today's class I decided to hit the weight room and do a little bit of my leg exercises from PT. I realized that my hamstrings are much weaker than my quads. I could lift maybe 40 pounds with my quads and barely 20 with my hamstrings. I know muscle imbalances are something that could contribute to my knee problems, so I'm going to try to develop a more regular lifting schedule to keep those problem at bay. 

Boy my legs are definitely feeling like they got a workout tonight from all the yoga and the lifting.

That's all from me for now. Tomorrow during my lunch break I'm going to pick up my bib and race shirt for Sunday's St. Patty's Day race!

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  1. I love balancing poses, they are so challenging and I find that I focus the most during them!

    I did not know that muscle imbalance contribute to knee problems! My quads are also way stronger than my hamstrings.. Hmm, maybe I should work on that!

  2. I'm so envious that you are good enough to TEACH yoga. I'd love to get to that point.

    I hope they can make a new class for you. :-)

  3. Love half moon! I'm so jealous that you teach yoga. It's always been a secret dream of mine but I have never really pursued it. Great blog.

  4. I love doing those balance poses, but I can never hold them for as long as I want to.

  5. awesome yoga! i can't do the balance poses at all. i'm really bad on my left leg, i think it's an imbalance left over from shin splints.

    good luck at the race!

  6. Good job on the yoga, sister.

    Is it just me, or do yoga position picture lead everyone's mind to Kama Sutra position images?

    Probably just me.

    It's good being me.

  7. Hopefully they find a place for you to teach another class. It seems like you have a real passion for it.

  8. OK if I did that I would biff on my face. No joke HAHA!

    GOOD LUCK this weekend chica! ;D ;D

  9. Good luck at the race this weekend!!! Hope they can find a spot for you teaching another class too!

  10. good luck this weekend!

  11. i think i'd def fall over in those poses :)

    hope the gym is able to find a 'spot' for you! that would be awesome.

    good luck this weekend and have fun!

  12. Love the new design!!! I need to know some of your layout secrets!!!

  13. I heart yoga. I would miss you too if you were my instructor and were taken away :( Hopefully he can find you another slot soon!