Lunch break run

by - Wednesday, March 11, 2009

First a quick thanks to all of you for your really kind comments about the new look and feel around Run Girl Run.

A few of you asked questions that I'd like to take a quick minute to answer:
Lindsay asked if I ran the Baltimore Marathon in 2006 because she recognized the medal in my header. 
Yes, I did. It was my first race and first medal so I didn't know I should have been let down by it's rather lameness.
Stacy asked how I got three columns.
I got three columns by manually editing the HTML and CSS coding. If you Google three columns for blogger you can probably find a bunch of step by step guidelines that will walk you through it. It's fairly simple once you have the correct coding. 
Amber asked if I did the redesign myself.
Yes I did. I learned a lot of HTML coding in college so it wasn't too hard for me to make changes as I needed. As for the header, that was just a photo I took and Photoshopped. 
Onto running. I worked from home today (my favorite place to work ever) and decided to head out around 12:30 for a nice three miler. Unfortunately, I think I picked the only sunny 30 minutes of the day to be out running. The rest of the day was gloomy as heck. But of course the sun's all kinds of beating down on me and I'm taking on some nasty hills. And my legs were gassed because I didn't eat enough.
And then this guy passed me. He was running in cargo shorts and socks up to his shins. I was in Under Armour and real running shoes. If I hadn't been completely exhausted I would have powered past him, but I just didn't have the energy. Where do I hand in my runner's card. ::Hangs head in shame::
Otherwise it was still a decent run, with a lot of walking, in the bright (and hot sunshine). I snapped some pictures (first time running with a camera, how do you all manage to get such nice shots while you're running?)

Hello D.C.

Big old hill on my out route.

Dude in cargo shorts who passed me on the way back

Back home in Md.
On a final note, say a little prayer/cross your fingers/do what ever it is you do for my mom. She just found out from her physical therapist she may never be able to swim again. My mom took up swimming a few years ago when she had to give up running because of a ripped hamstring. It took her a while to really love swimming, but now she does and she's really bumming about the news. All of us who've been injured know how frustrating that is. So let's just hope physical therapy can fix the problem and she can get back to swimming. 

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  1. Good thoughts sent your Mom's way! I just got through with P/T for tendinitis in my left knee and it did wonders for me and I'm running again. Obviously tendinitis is far less severe than what your mom's dealing with, but my point is P/T can sometimes perform what seem like miracles. So maybe she'll be able to swim again. I sure hope so.

    Don't hang your head in shame - that other guy should. I am one who believes in live-and-let-live and that people should be allowed to run in whatever get-up they want (if you want to be judged because of what you wear, I guess you'll need to consult Vanilla, not that I'm judging him) but Teh 'Bride has drummed it into me that guys with their "socks [pulled] up to [their] shins" have committed more than a fashion crime ... they are an Abomination in the eyes of God.

    Also: Cargo shorts & sox up to the knee is how I imagine Carolina John dresses when he runs, which is surprising because gay men usually have better fashion sense than that. But I guess fashion is just one of the many areas in which CJ is woefully deficient.

    Another area: Third grade-level spelling.

  2. P.S. Not that I am judging Carolina John. Perish the thought.

  3. Anytime I take photos when running - I actually stop to take the photo. Not sure about the rest of folks.

  4. Glaven talking about fashion amuses me. he has the style of paris hilton's purse dog, right down to the poop in his purse.

    html is tons of fun, it's how i make a living. actually, i write about 10 languagse fluently, and html just happens to be one of them. it's the lazy side of me that keeps me from trying to make the blog look good. i do some css too, but mostly leave that to the designers.

    glad you got a good run in, i'm trying to brick today sometime. bike 10, run 5.

  5. I'd like to go three columns someday, but I haven't had time to muck with my layout yet. Good job on yours!! Glad you had a sunny 30 minutes to run in!! DC is way to far north for me :-) LOL...

    {keeping kind thoughts in front of my mind for your mom!}

  6. Thinking about your mom and hoping everything works out.

  7. Thanks for this Jess! Especially the 3 column advice. I've been wanting to have 3 columns myself but could only find it in certain layouts (ones that I didn't like LOL) So maybe I'll have to try my hand at some more manipulation of HTML LOL

  8. sending lots of good thoughts your moms way!

    I usually take pics with my phone since I never run without it :)

  9. love the pics of your run, not so much the dude in cargo shorts? never understood that one... sometimes there were even guys in jean shorts running in the tm at my old gym.... ummm yeah.

    anyway hey no harsh feelings about the baltimore ua marathon medal! i still had it proudly framed. the shirt is my favorite marathon t-shirt. it was my 2nd marathon and my 1st marathon gave out this heavy medal, so it was just lighter in comparison, that's all.

    thoughts and prayers for your mom - i think we all know how hard it is to be told "no running", and then to finally get hooked on a new sport and find out you shouldn't do it either? :( hope pt goes even better than expected!

  10. Did you ever see the the Jim Carrey movie Yes Man. The girl in it teaching a photography while running class. She says the point of taking pictures while you're running is so the photos actually look blurry!