Stretching the hammies

by - Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I filled in for one of my co-workers at the gym last night and taught his Gentle Yoga class while he was out of town. It felt like it was just what my legs needed to work out any lingering tightness from Sunday's race.

I focused a lot on hip opening and hamstring stretching and strengthening in the class because not only did I need to work on that, but those tend to be tight areas in a lot of people.

After teaching, I thought I'd hop on the dreadmill since I was already at the gym and see if I could do a few easy miles. I was hoping for two or three, but unfortunately my legs had different plans. They were thinking they wanted a rest day and threw fits after a quarter mile.

I stopped and stretched and hopped back on for another half mile, but the legs were still having none of it. Since I was hungry anyway, I figured I'd just stop. There was no use pushing it and burning out my legs with the half marathon coming up this weekend.

My plan for the rest of the week leading up to the race is as follows:
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Run of no more than six miles
Thursday: Yoga
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Race

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  1. Anonymous7:58 AM

    I went to a yoga class on saturday after my long run. We spent a lot of time on hip opening exercises and I definitely think they were helpful! Sounds like you are all set for your race!!!

  2. Hi Jess

    Best of luck with the upcoming half. I have heard it is an amazing race and hopefully you will get some nice weather. Your 8k went off without a hitch and that should be great prep for 13.1.

    BTW, great picture of you and the BF. You guys look really happy and make a nice couple.

  3. Smart choice chica! Rest up and get ready for the big day :-)

  4. I've tried that yoga pose. It ain't gentle for me :-) just sayin...

  5. Good idea to listen to your body. Good luck this weekend!

  6. Yikes, I wish I could fold myself in half! Good luck with the race!

  7. yay for yoga class!!! good idea to take a rest day :)

  8. Good luck on your half! Any goals???

  9. Is "dreadmill" supposed to show your hate towards treadmills? Or just a funny coincidence?

  10. I LOVE the yoga. Just discovered it, but I need another few hours in my week to get it done!

  11. glad you were able to work in another yoga class! :) hope the stretching helped work out the leg-funk, enjoy a lighter week!

  12. hai from indian HATHA YOGA guy